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Located in the north of both India and Pakistan, the Punjab region has long been famous for its diverse cultures, delicacies, and stunning landscapes. It’s also no secret that the area is home to some of the world’s most beautiful women. Their wavy hair, dark eyes, attractive curves, and bright personalities are just a few of the best traits these amazing babes have.

With over 3 million creators on OnlyFans, there’s no shortage of top-rated Punjabi girls. The real question is, who is the best? To answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest Punjabi OnlyFans creators in 2023. From the sluttiest brown MILFs to thick Desi pornstars, we’ve got everything you want.

The 15 Best Punjabi OnlyFans Girls 2023

Don’t know where to begin your quest to find the sexiest Punjabi girls OnlyFans has to offer? This list below shows the most popular creators who offer the most authentic content and intimate experiences – they also crack cheeky jokes that only a true Punjabi understands.

A Detailed Look at the Best Punjabi OnlyFans Creators

We know you’re already excited about all these Punjabi girls on OnlyFans. To make things easier for you, we’re going to take a closer look at their profiles to help you decide which of these babes fits your nasty requirements best – or perhaps they all do and you might have to subscribe to them all!

1. RAKHI GILL – Thick Punjabi Girl With Weekly Live Sex Shows

In the Punjab region, thick girls tend to get more love and Rakhi is the living proof of that. Boasting over 72,900 likes, she’s the hottest Punjabi girl OnlyFans has available in 2023. Her ridiculous curves, soul-sucking eyes, and big tits are just a few reasons to love her.

Rakhi calls herself the “nastiest & freakiest South Asian girl” – guess what? We agree after seeing her sex catalog. She is into B/G porn, lesbian content, threesomes, JOIs, footjobs, creampies, deepthroating, hand jobs, and more. The chubby OnlyFans creator goes live weekly to perform a new sex kink – there are even live XXX collabs with other creators.RAKHI GILL OnlyFans

Speaking fluent Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and English, your brown goddess is the perfect choice for those of you looking for video call OnlyFans girls – imagine how sexy it is when your naughty sweetheart flirts with you in multiple languages and gives you a new Punjabi name?

Right now, Rakhi is offering 50% off your first month – check out her 1,000+ pieces of hot content and chat her up for a private call now.

OnlyFans Account Handle @iamrakhi
Fetish Chubby
Number of Likes 72,900
Number of Posts 1,312
Number of Photos/Videos 1,015
Price $40 per month

2. Natasha Kaur – Hairy Indian Babe With Uncensored Outdoor Sex Tapes

In the northwest of India, hairy girls are considered a blessing. People adore the natural elements of their bodies and the next girl on our list of the best Punjabi OnlyFans girls shows exactly that. Natasha Kaur is your hairy OnlyFans Indian babe with a severe obsession with cum – she’s only happy when her body hair is covered in creamy goodness.

She hasn’t shaven in over 3 years to keep her natural bush thriving. No amount of fabric can hide her thick and dense pubic hair from sticking out on the side. Natasha has even been called out in public for showing her hair through her shorts.

Natasha Kaur OnlyFans

This Indian OnlyFans princess produces B/G sex tapes, G/G sex scenes, bushy pussy close-ups, dick ratings, footjobs, and cosplay. Natasha is all about embracing nature – that’s why she likes taking her hookups to nearby forests in the Punjab to film her full-length videos.

Despite her popularity and premium production, Natasha remains your friendly neighborhood slut with a cheap subscription fee of $7. There are thousands of uncensored scenes of her bushy lady part getting destroyed by men and dildos – follow her now so you don’t miss the sweet deal.

OnlyFans Account Handle @natashakaur
Fetish Hairy
Number of Likes 96,900
Number of Posts 2,420
Number of Photos/Videos 4,026
Price $7 per month

3. Meetii Kalher – Busty Punjabi MILF From Canada With Sex Tapes On Her Wall

Since you’re into Punjabi girls, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the all-Desi threesome porn Meetii has in her feed. This busty OnlyFans Punjabi MILF has formed deep connections with many Desi housewives in her neighborhood in Canada. When their husbands are at work, these ladies like getting together for an intimate girls’ time – naked.

Meetii specializes in face riding, scissoring, 69S, masturbation, dildo play, and role play with her besties. Her Punjabi OnlyFans porn is extremely saucy and romantic. New sex ideas are always welcome in her inbox as these Punjabi women love exploring.

Meetii Kalher OnlyFans

To access Meetii’s VIP OnlyFans benefits, you have to message her nicely and ask. VIP perks include exclusive teasers, BTS snaps, additional nudes, and monthly freebies. She will also film customized videos for VIP members to fulfill your nastiest dreams.

For more about Meetii, you can follow her on Instagram. Although it may not have the XXX-rated stuff you’re after, you can get an authentic look into her ordinary life. She’s a down-to-earth Punjabi babe who wants to show you all sides of her life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @meetiikalher
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 19,300
Number of Posts 165
Number of Photos/Videos 196
Price $30 per month

4. Preeti – Punjabi Pornstar Who Films Insane Twins Porn With Her Sister

Can you imagine what it’s like seeing two identical Punjabi girls getting down on each other? If you’re already getting hard, keep reading. Preeti is one of the best Punjabi OnlyFans creators for twins porn – that’s right, this Indian British OnlyFans pornstar has a twin sister called Priya and they adore some incestuous sibling time together.

When she is not joined by her mighty twin, Preeti likes exploring new tricks down the sex avenue. She has already racked up almost 800,000 likes for her wide range of sexual interests, including B/G porn, lesbian sex scenes, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, pegging content, creampies, BJs, JOIs, CEIs, BDSM, creampies, facials, and more.

Preeti OnlyFans

The Punjabi adult performer will gladly accept video call requests and put on a different persona to your liking. She can be your innocent Desi girlfriend or your feisty vixen who likes torturing you sexually – it’s your choice!

OnlyFans is the only platform to get to know Preeti on a personal level. She loves replying to your flirty texts with selfies and erotic voice notes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @preeti_young
Fetish Twins
Number of Likes 791,500
Number of Posts 9,642
Number of Photos/Videos 16,276
Price $6 per month

5. Punjabi Princess – Horny Pakistani Model Who Loves Sexting With You

If you have been following the Desi OnlyFans circle for a long time, you’ve probably seen Punjabi Princess before. This curvy babe is not new to the industry but she did disappear for a while. She couldn’t resist the temptation of showing off her Pakistani traits and now she’s back with a brand-new OnlyFans account.

Your Punjabi Princess prefers customs to get to know your fetishes better. She is the hottest sexting OF girl with a vault full of dirty porn plots. Everything that comes out of her filthy mouth sounds incredibly arousing.

Punjabi Princess OnlyFans

There aren’t a lot of media files on her wall currently because she’s reserving her best content to send through DMs. You’ll receive a detailed menu once you subscribe to her. This 22-year-old Pakistani Canadian loves sharing life in the Maple Syrup State. There are outdoor nudes in national parks, public libraries, and stunning lighthouses around the country.

The Punjabi Princess OnlyFans subscription fee is astonishingly low at $4.99 only. With that, you get monthly freebies, unlimited 1:1 time with your brown goddess, and exclusive clips in your chat.

OnlyFans Account Handle @punjabiprincessss
Fetish Sexting
Number of Likes 17
Number of Posts 8
Number of Photos/Videos 10
Price $4.99 per month

6. Priya Patel – Sexy Brown Slut With A Diverse Content Library In The Punjab Region

Before you proceed, Priya Patel must let you know that her page is not for the faint-hearted nor for the culturally sensitive folks. As a “horny brown slut” who is obsessed with slobbering on cocks, the Punjabi teen has got countless death threats from her people. She is very careful in choosing her next lover – if you promise to be kind, she’ll welcome you with uncensored XXX stuff.

She is one of the hottest Punjabi girls on OnlyFans with a diverse content library. The Indian teen does B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesomes, anal play, BJs, video calls, anal play, toy play, facials, orgies, and more.

Priya Patel OnlyFans

Priya is a popular social butterfly who is friends with many Punjabi OnlyFans girls. There are frequent collabs with other racy creators to keep her feed fresh and raw.

There’s no OnlyFans PPV here, everything is yours to enjoy with a sub. Furthermore, you get unlimited personal time with Priya. As her top supporter, you will even receive regular freebies when she hits the sauna, tries out new revealing underwear sets, and does her pussy-training lessons.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thepriyapatel
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 38,300
Number of Posts 263
Number of Photos/Videos 263
Price $50 per month

7. indian mistress – Size 40 Punjabi Dominatrix Into Hardcore Feet Content

Shiba Kaur is your Indian OnlyFans mistress with one mission in life – to make weak men like you kneel down and beg for her approval. Public humiliation is this Punjabi domme queen’s kink. When you pledge your loyalty to her, she’ll immediately assign you a few public flashing tasks – or something more extreme – for you to earn your place in her cult.

Don’t even bother trying to tame this lioness. It doesn’t work and she won’t like it. She needs an obedient subject that listens to her demands. The only way to make this temptress wet is to offer her your humiliation videos. She’s amazing at SPH on OnlyFans, obviously, and won’t hesitate to hit you in the face with her ruthless comments.

indian mistress Shiba Kaur OnlyFans

For foot kinksters, stay with us because your Indian mistress is all about feeding you her size 40 feet as the ultimate reward. When you’ve completed enough slave tasks or offered enough tributes, Shiba will hop on a live 1:1 call and engage in a virtual OF footjob session with you.

To get an extra glimpse of her life, you can follow her on Twitter. She sometimes posts about her disappointing slaves to publicly shame them there – you might want to see if you’ve made the naughty boy list.

OnlyFans Account Handle @indianmistressk
Fetish Feet
Number of Likes 1,700
Number of Posts 238
Number of Photos/Videos 311
Price $50 per month

8. Taazveerr – Mature Desi Wife Who Loves Doing It With Her Adult Stepsons

Taaz has made it very clear from the beginning – she’s here for her own sexual pleasure and not yours. The mature Desi hotwife is a top OnlyFans creator for stepson fantasies. Her young studs must please the older cougar with their tongues and dicks before she’ll breastfeed them in return.

There’re hundreds of wild porn plots on her wall. Whatever filthy sex dreams you’ve had, rest assured that Taaz has already done it or is on her way to doing it.

Taazveerr OnlyFans

Among our best Punjabi OnlyFans creators, Taaz has the most lustful moans. The hypersexual wife doesn’t stop moaning and screaming when her pleasure buttons get pushed. During your private sessions, she’ll even whisper your name to create the intimate touch you long for.

Taaz is not stingy with sharing her big tits. As long as you obey and give her jaw-dropping orgasms, get ready to receive excessive tit shots in your chat.

OnlyFans Account Handle @yourdreamgirrll
Fetish Mature
Number of Likes 14,100
Number of Posts 257
Number of Photos/Videos 322
Price $45 per month

9. nadia ali – Your Personal Punjabi Sex Doll Who Loves Twerking Her Fat Ass

Ever since Nadia was young, she knew she was destined for something great in the porno world. After moving to the US from Pakistan, she’s finally been able to freely explore her sexuality. As it turns out, she’s incredibly skilled in anal play, G/G porn, B/G sex scenes, solo play, toy play, twerking, pegging content, and BJs.

Nadia is one of the sexiest Punjabi OnlyFans models for private live sex shows. She is your personal sex doll who will deliver the most erotic shows. Whether you want her to sit on a massive dildo or rub massage oil all over her butterfly pussy, she won’t say no – try for yourself by subscribing to her now.

nadia ali OnlyFans

Nadia is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi. If you speak either of these two languages, she’ll be happy to exchange erotic voice notes and say something super dirty to make you blush. In her free time, she enjoys cooking her two favorite dishes – panipuri and vegetable curry – without clothes on.

Currently, Nadia is offering a discounted price of $8 for your first month – take the sweet gesture and greet your Desi model with a naughty snap and a sexy pickup line.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pakinadiaali
Fetish Twerking
Number of Likes 22,700
Number of Posts 390
Number of Photos/Videos 405
Price $19.99 per month

10. Pakistani_Ria – Amateur Punjabi Pornstar With XXX Films In Pakistan

In our guide to the best Punjabi OnlyFans creators, Ria is a much-treasured hottie for her outrageous XXX content on OnlyFans in Pakistan. Although this saucy babe doesn’t currently reside in Pakistan, she has traveled back several times just to film her ultra-explicit outdoor stuff.

There’s an open invitation to discover the hidden gems in Pakistan with Ria. From Islamabad to Quetta to Gilgit, she has left her ass print across the long country. Her racy content includes B/G sex tapes, creampies, facials, cumshots, BJs, hand jobs, rim jobs, anal play, and roleplay.

Pakistani_Ria OnlyFans

When she’s at home, Ria is addicted to buying new see-through lingerie. As her fan, you get to decide which outfits she should wear next by voting in her public polls. Liking and commenting on her posts is a great way to get her attention and win yourself extra NSFW snaps, too.

The amateur Pakistani OnlyFans pornstar has filmed thousands of uncensored photos/videos. It’ll take you a long time before you can finish all her full-length sex tapes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pakistani_ria
Fetish Outdoor
Number of Likes 30,500
Number of Posts 655
Number of Photos/Videos 2,717
Price $4.99 per month

11. Punjabi Gurl – Teen College Student Who Loves Lingerie Play In Punjab

Simply going by Punjabi Gurl, this OF college fresher is one of the best Punjabi OnlyFans girls who’s desperate for your love and support to pay for her tuition fees.

This no-nonsense teen can seem incredibly feisty at first. She doesn’t like wasting time talking when she can be jiggling her tits and twerking her round ass. But, once you get to know her, she’s actually very loving and romantic. She’ll spoil you with round-the-clock attention and daily sexting time to keep you close to her heart.

Punjabi Gurl OnlyFans

Your sexy baby girl has a huge lingerie collection. Pantyhose, fishnet stockings, latex pants, ankle socks… These are just a few of her favorites. When you hop on a 1:1 session with her, she’ll let you choose her outfit before she begins teasing you with her drippy kitty.

Punjabi Gurl is a cheap OnlyFans babe, asking for only $4.99 a month. Since she is eager to please, any extra cash to help with her school fees will earn you a ton of additional content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @punjabibabe
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 146
Number of Posts 30
Number of Photos/Videos 24
Price $4.99 per month

12. Zara – Sultry Desi BBW Lady Who Loves Groups Customs

Whether you’re a soon-to-be husband looking for raunchy Bachelor party ideas or just a horny fella seeking fun things to do with your mates, Zara is here to serve you right. This BBW OnlyFans Desi girl favors group customs. She loves rating all your cocks with a personalized video message.

Better yet, Zara will suggest a private cam show for you and your boys to get down for a never-ending night of fun. Her badly behaved burlesque shows make the perfect gathering you’ve been asking for.

Zara OnlyFans

If that’s not enough to convince you, Zara also films anal porn, B/G sex tapes, lesbian content, creampie videos, mild BDSM acts, POVs, JOIs, twerking clips, and so much more – all for $4.99! There’s no PPV ever – she pinky promises.

This XL woman is full of joy and always blushes a little when she receives messages from you. It warms her heart to sext with you and provides the best virtual after-work sex party for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @the_czars_ass
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 68,200
Number of Posts 1,980
Number of Photos/Videos 3,760
Price $4.99 per month

13. ARIA KHAN – Punjabi Goddess With The Sexiest XXX Feet Content

“I challenge you to make it to the bottom of my feed without cumming” Aria writes on her wall – that’s how confident she is about her uncensored content. Challenge accepted?

This foxy Punjabi goddess’ 42-inch long legs are no joke. They’re silky smooth, hairless, and gloriously tanned. Compared to her petite body, it’s almost like this girl is only legs and nothing else. You’ll be getting plenty of her sweet toes in her full-length POV footjob videos.


Aria also does pole dancing, solo play, facials, anal play, G/G porn, B/G sex scenes, JOIs, dick ratings, and sexting. The trilingual amateur pornstar loves teasing you with a few flirty jokes in Urdu and Punjabi – perhaps you can take a few dirty language lessons from her?

Your Punjabi princess has said that her happy place is your chat. She finds love and joy in getting to know you deeper. Even if you simply want to complain about life, she’s all ears – where else are you going to find another perfect online Punjabi girlfriend like her?

OnlyFans Account Handle @ariakhan00
Fetish Feet
Number of Likes 28,500
Number of Posts 979
Number of Photos/Videos 1,550
Price $13.99 per month

14. Nina Hadid – Petite Model From Punjab Who Offers You Her Panties

Once you commit to Nina Hadid’s XXX production, she’ll greet you with a full guide to navigating her sex menu. There’re loads of never-seen-before BJs, dildo play scenes, JOIs, B/G/G videos, and more.

Nina offers weekly live streams to show you the sexiest side of her and interact with you. She likes asking about your preferences on her wall – you actually have a say in which decadent acts she should indulge in next.

Nina Hadid OnlyFans

The exotic Punjabi model knows how much you want her. While she doesn’t meet fans physically, she’ll offer you her panties so you can cuddle her scent to bed.

Nina keeps an active social media presence and can be found on TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. This girl loves showing her face everywhere for you to remember her juicy acts.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ninahadid
Fetish Panties
Number of Likes 15,500
Number of Posts 260
Number of Photos/Videos 291
Price $6.50 per month

15. yourgoddesslis – Punjabi Findom Queen Who Will Trade Her Body For Money

All good things in this world come at a price – and Lis’ price is lustfully high. This Punjabi findom goddess is after your money and she’s proud to admit it. Like the feeling of being ruled by a brown-eyed Punjabi queen? You’ll love what Lis has to offer.

SPH, feet worshipping, body worshipping, cuckolding, spitting, heels domination, denial play… These are just a few of Lis’ many specialties – maybe now you’ll think she’s worth the high price tag.

yourgoddesslis Lis OnlyFans

To talk to Lis, aside from offering her a substantial tip, a humble message and a few dick pics are a must. She only replies to servants who can sexually arouse her and pay her well.

After you’ve vowed to be a loyal supporter of your Punjabi queen, she’ll consider giving you a private session so she can humiliate you to your face – get your wallet out now and kneel down for your almighty ruler.

OnlyFans Account Handle @goddesslis
Fetish Findom
Number of Likes 5,800
Number of Posts 211
Number of Photos/Videos 270
Price $18 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Punjabi OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Overall, we think Rakhi Gill is the hottest Punjabi OnlyFans girl in 2023 for her comprehensive packages. This BBW darling has a diverse content library that’ll keep you busy. On top of that, her weekly live sex shows are packed with raunchy elements that are guaranteed to capture your heart.

Up next we have Natasha Kaur. Since you’re looking for a true Punjabi experience, you can’t miss this hairy girl. She’s here to show you the most natural side of a traditional Punjabi belle. Of course, her outdoor sex tapes are incredibly hot as well.

In third place, we have Meetii Kalher. This Desi girl is bound to blow your mind with her varied sex skills. She’s a walking sex dictionary who loves exploring and trying out new things. If there’s anything that you haven’t seen on her wall, rest assured that she’s going to fill the gap pretty soon.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that these are all the best Punjabi OnlyFans creators available right now. Whoever you choose to follow next, it’s going to be a wild ride – listen to your heart and subscribe to the top babes on your mind right now.


Who are the hottest Punjabi OnlyFans creators?

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