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Nicole Wilder

You’re thrilled when your manhood is entirely swallowed by a warm, wet mouth. That throat narrowness is the cherry on the top of the cake for oral sex. It’s so hot, that you’ll need to control yourself if you want it to last longer and go deeper. There’s something gratifying in deepthroat OnlyFans play, for both the giver and receiver.

We’ve carefully curated a list of the best OnlyFans deepthroat girls to follow in 2023. They have open minds… and gullets, and are ready to devour long fat dicks without even blinking. Our sexy babes know all the right angles for a deep reception and will look straight into your eyes while performing their magic.

The 15 Best OnlyFans Deepthroat Girls 2023

Get ready to discover the best deepthroat on OnlyFans. All our creators are naughty, smoking hot, and have the necessary expertise to make junks disappear in a heartbeat.

A Detailed Look at the Best OnlyFans Deepthroat Creators

The best deepthroat OnlyFans girls are ready to make your deep oral fantasies come true. So, let’s have a closer look at their accounts and discover all the OnlyFans deepthroat content they have to offer.

1. Deepthroat Slushie – Sexy Sub and One of the Best OnlyFans Deepthroat Girls

Mila aka Deepthroat Slushie is a true magician when it comes to deepthroat OnlyFans content. You’ll be amazed by how fast she can swallow a cock without even blinking. She mastered her gag reflex a while back and she happily enjoys the benefits of throat fucking since then.

Deepthroat Slushie is willing to do pretty much everything to please her dom, and she’s taking his big OF dick as deep as it goes, all day, every day. If you think you’ve seen everything that can be done in terms of deepthroating, you might want to reconsider. That St. Andrew’s Cross OnlyFans deepthroat scene will certainly live in your head rent-free.

deepthroat slushie onlyfans

All her videos are high-quality and include full nudity, BDSM on OnlyFans, B/G action, and cock worshipping. If you like her content, make sure you have your rebill on for some fire bonus content.

To access her Deepthroat Slushie OnlyFans media library you can signup now for $4.40 for the first 31 days. After that, you’ll be paying the regular monthly subscription of $11. It’s worth mentioning that’s still excellent value for money, given the fact that she has one of the best deepthroat OnlyFans content catalogs.

OnlyFans Account Handle @deepthroatslushie
Fetish Submissive
Number of Likes 16,000
Number of Posts 190
Number of Photos/Videos 275
Price $11 per month

2. Adriana Chechik – Gorgeous Porn Star with Unique Deepthroating Skills

Deepthroating can be pretty intense, but Adriana Chechik handles it very well. She’s an experienced porn star and knows that the right amount of lubrication, breathing, and finding the right angles are key for spectacular throat pleasure. It’s quite a sight having this stunning fox looking at you while she slides the entire dick into her mouth.

Adriana has a huge fanbase across all her socials with over 7 million followers. Her OnlyFans page confirms her popularity, with more than 2M likes and rising.

adriana chechik onlyfans

Apart from her Adriana Chechik deepthroat OnlyFans red-hot content, she’s also into B/G, G/G, group sex, and roleplays. Keep in mind that her OF account is the only place she reveals new XXX-rated content. If you’ve been following her on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Tiktok, this is your chance to contact her and engage in steamy OF sexting.

OnlyFans Account Handle @adrianachechik
Fetish Brunette / Pornstar
Number of Likes 2.01M
Number of Posts 2,231
Number of Photos/Videos 2552
Price $4.99 per month

3. Riss VIP – Kansas Babe with Dripping Shower Scenes

Meet Riss Martina Mora your dream sub. The Kansas OnlyFans hottie will dedicate her time to pleasing you and making your wildest fantasies come true. She’ll obey your commands and won’t be satisfied until you are. The tattooed babe loves spending quality time in her tub and shower, so you’ll have more than one opportunity to see her body moist and drippy.

One of Riss’s most positive qualities is that she loves to keep it genuine. Whether it’s during her shower play, solo play, kink play, toy play, or JOI on OnlyFans. The same applies to her deepthroat OnlyFans scenes. Her oral skill set is unmatched and she takes it all deep in her mouth on every occasion she finds.

riss vip onlyfans

Riss has an impressive media library on her VIP page with uncensored content and PPVs at half price. For teasers and free pics, head over to her free page @freakyriss. You’ll be impressed with her twerking skills and that luscious ass will make you want more.

OnlyFans Account Handle @freakyrissvip
Fetish Tattooed
Number of Likes 22,700
Number of Posts 489
Number of Photos/Videos 2,979
Price $14.44 per month

4. Caroline Spark Deepthroat Queen VIP – Horny Hungarian Devouring Huge Cocks in Public

We all have cravings. While some find their joy in chocolate or chips, Caroline is only happy when she devours a juicy fat cock – the deeper, the better. The thing is, the self-proclaimed deepthroat queen has to work hard to live up to her name, and she does just that.

The slim thick OF Hungarian takes deepthroat OnlyFans content to a whole new level. So if you fancy watching her make an 8.5″ real dick disappear in public parking lot action hit that subscribe button right now.

deepthroat queen onlyfans

Her passion for cocks is so big that she’ll rate your junk for free in a personalized video. That’s a unique offer you can’t ignore. Other than her OnyFans deepthroat clips and free dick ratings, Caroline also exposes her perfect proportions in monthly free live shows, anal play, masturbation, roleplay, and daily nude posts.

If you’d like to create a more intimate connection and have her undivided attention, she’s also into sexting  – text, voice notes, video, you choose, and private video calls on WhatsApp or FaceTime. This deepthroat aficionado also has a free page: @carolinesparkfree – full of titillating previews and sensual nudes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @carolinespark
Fetish Slim Thick
Number of Likes 19,300
Number of Posts 235
Number of Photos/Videos 250
Price $15 per month

5. Deepthroat Ballerina Crazy Rozy – Flexible Eastern European Deepthroat OnlyFans Girl

The saying goes that Eastern European girls have a cold appearance but are fire in bed. Rozy is here to prove all that. She’ll keep you entertained at all times. A bit of eccentricity is always welcomed, especially when it comes to sexual experiences. Crazy Rozy alias Deepthroat Ballerina will serve you your daily dose of creativity – prepare your manhood because she’s wild.

The deepthroat OnlyFans babe is a perfectionist. Besides training to improve her overall flexibility – yep, it’s her legs you see on the cover picture – she also worked on relaxing her neck muscles to dominate the deepest oral sex. The Romanian minx promises some crazy deepthroats, OF squirting, flexibility, fun, and a lot of liquids.

deepthroat ballerina onlyfans

If you’re into anime too, today is your lucky day. Her Ahegao content will have you mesmerized in a heartbeat. The blonde has a very rich imagination, that’s why it’s not surprising to find out she has a second free account: @crazyrozyofficial_free. You’ll go there to check her flexibility out, but you’ll stay for her sexy maid costumes and other hot OnlyFans cosplay pics.

OnlyFans Account Handle @crazyrozyofficial
Fetish Flexible / Blonde
Number of Likes 10,600
Number of Posts 295
Number of Photos/Videos 1,382
Price $8.99 per month

6. Shantel Dee – Naughty Australian with Step-Mom Deepthroat Content

Next up on our best OnlyFans deepthroat creators list, we have Shantel Dee. The Australian OnlyFans belle is a deepthroat enthusiast and produces the best oral content out there.

Every cock is different and comes with its own challenges, but one thing is sure, Shantel Dee shoves them all deep in her throat and records everything on camera. She loves giving the receiver a tight all-around grasp and when the time is right, her partner rewards her with an extraordinary OnlyFans throatpie.

shantel dee onlyfans

Her content is diverse, from blowjobs to big ass OnlyFans twerking, JOI, toys,  and anal clips. As her cover picture indicates, the naughty Aussi is also into taboo roleplay. Close your eyes and imagine this naughty nun performing a deepthroat on all fours. A sight not to be missed!

Curious to find out more about all her costumes, exclusive live calls, and step-mom deepthroating activities? Slide into her DMs and she’ll be delighted to know more about your spicy ideas.

OnlyFans Account Handle @shanteldee12
Fetish Big Booty
Number of Likes 19,900
Number of Posts 310
Number of Photos/Videos 1,129
Price $24.95 per month

7. Princess Rosé – Japanese Trans Princess Boasting Nearly 4,000 Spicy Photos and Videos

Rosé is your favorite Japanese trans princess. Once you’ve witnessed her deepthroating skills, your pulsating dick will fall under her spell, and you’ll turn that rebill on without hesitation.

Her archive contains nearly 4,000 photos and full-length videos of chastity, cosplay, and anal cumshots. For $5.95 a month, you can also enjoy pantyhose, lingerie, buttplug, and nerdy clips.

princess rose onlyfans

Your dirty Japanese sub loves BDSM, so a huge part of her media library is pain-oriented. You can drain your balls dry with tight restraint play, nipple clamps, and submissive girl XXX-rated OnlyFans photos and videos. Her page is PPV-free, so hit that signup button for some spicy gagging Asian deepthroat OnlyFans content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tsprincessrose
Fetish Japanese / Cosplay
Number of Likes 22,500
Number of Posts 1,173
Number of Photos/Videos 3,695
Price $5.95

8. Tara Deep – Busty Canadian MILF with a Clear Preference for OnlyFans Throatpies

TaraDeep is a 5’7″ busty black-haired beauty. This small-town girl is looking to please and be pleased. It’s her life’s mission and she does everything is in her power to accomplish it. One of her main duties is taking her partner’s 8″ junk deep down her throat without choking.

The Canadian OnlyFans sweetie likes to cover his cock with the warmth and wetness of her mouth, moving back and forth until the delicious and inevitable OnlyFans throatpie happens.

taradeepof onlyfans

Tara Deep’s page is free and gathers censored videos and photos of her deepthroating activities and shows more of her huge jiggly ass and her juicy tits. She’s also eager to share MILF content on OnlyFans for the ones on the hunt for mommy content.

If her deepthroat OnlyFans photos and videos exhausted your willie, you can catch your breath during a one-to-one chat. Ask her anything about Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, or fishing and you’ll recover in no time.

OnlyFans Account Handle @taradeepof
Fetish Big Tits
Number of Likes 33,500
Number of Posts 600
Number of Photos/Videos 767
Price FREE

9. ThroatGoddess – She Likes Them Big and Deep

Get ready to discover the best deepthroat on OnlyFans. That’s right, the ThroatGoddess is not here to play games but to give head. After only a few moments on her Twitter account, you’ll agree that her mouth and neck have superpowers. She’s never heard of the gag reflex, and no cock or OF dildo is too impressive to be swallowed.

The blonde bombshell will conquer you with her personality and make you horny with her even bigger toys. By the way, she’ll be super grateful if you’ll add one or two dragon toys to her playroom. Yep, she’s ready to surprise you even more with her deep oral skills.

throatgoddess onlyfans

She’s skilled with pretty much everything: solo, girl next door, MILF, dirty talk, roleplay, amateur, squirting – you name it, she’ll do it. To access her nearly 3,000 photos and videos, you can subscribe for $14.99 per month.

OnlyFans Account Handle @athroatgoddess
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 90,300
Number of Posts 1,366
Number of Photos/Videos 2,950
Price $14.99 per month

10. Pretty in Pink – Busty Beauty with 100+ Deepthroat Photos and Videos

Boasting over 100,000 likes, Pretty in Pink is a top OnlyFans creator. You’ll definitely be seduced by her hourglass figure and deepthroat skills. All her experience is super useful, especially when she receives a 9″ cock. It’s also good to know that besides tight latex attire, this oral sex expert loves throatpies and “makes boys like you cum daily!”

She likes extreme practices, so this is exactly what you can expect after paying her $9.99 monthly fee. You’ll be able to jerk off to extreme OnlyFans deepthroats and throatpies, B/G, B/B/G, G/G/B, and B/B/G/G videos. Whether you’re looking for a boss babe or slutty devotee, she does it all. This amazing switch also provides latex porn and all kinds of fetish content.

pretty in pink onlyfans

Pretty in Pink posts full nudes and videos on her wall every single day. The latex and OnlyFans throatpie aficionado also excels in sexting, so don’t be shy and ask her everything you want to know about the milking tables.

OnlyFans Account Handle @prettyinpinkxoxofficial
Fetish Switch
Number of Likes 102,800
Number of Posts 630
Number of Photos/Videos 1,291
Price $9.99 per month

11. Jasmina Jade – Busty Brunette Serving the Full-Pack, from Deepthroating to OnlyFans Throatpie

If you’re looking for a thick OnlyFans brunette with a thirst for throbbing dicks that’s difficult to match, Jasmin Jade is perfect for you. When it comes to cocks, she’ll treat you to the full package: deepthroating, ball-licking, OnlyFans throatpies, and face fucking.

On her PPV-free page, you’ll also find full-length B/G porn, solo NSFW videos, explicit nudes, and JOI. She has exceptional knowledge of male anatomy, so asking her for a dick rating only seems normal.

jasminjadevip onlyfans

If her numerous deepthroat OnlyFans videos left you longing for more, send her a message and inquire about her customs or one-to-one videos. She aims to cater to your every desire and will make sure your manhood is satisfied.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jasminjadevip
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 12,300
Number of Posts 283
Number of Photos/Videos 283
Price $4.99 per month

12. Nicole Fox – Sexy OF Latina, Cosplayer, and Fetish Lover

She can be Alice in Wonderland or Shero. Or, if you want Jessica Rabbit to take your junk in the depths of her throat, now’s the perfect occasion. She can be whoever you desire her to be. Nicole Fox is ready to listen and make your oral fantasies come true. She’s a good girl with a dirty mind, so you’ll get along just fine.

Other than deepthroat vids, she also creates pussy, anal, squirting, couple, and fetish content. The spicy Latina OF will also treat you to free pics every week, so sit back and enjoy!

nicole fox deepthroat onlyfans

There’s an easy way to get to her heart and that’s purchasing something from her Amazon wish list. She wants nothing more than to enlarge her costume collection. Will you opt for the sassy cheerleader costume or the nurse latex uniform?

OnlyFans Account Handle @nicolefox0023
Fetish Cosplayer
Number of Likes 1,300
Number of Posts 129
Number of Photos/Videos 303
Price $9.99 per month

13. Little Lofoten Girl – Young Norwegian Craving for Deep Oral Action

Sometimes she’s blonde, sometimes she’s brunette, but she’s always horny and on the hunt for some dick. She might seem innocent and sweet in real life, but on her OF page, she transforms into a real porn star. The Little Lofoten Girl is only 20 years old, but her sexual expertise is quite impressive.

It’s important to note that two things particularly turn her on: pleasing and getting to know you on a deeper level during an ultimate girlfriend experience, and… sucking dicks. That’s right, deepthroating and messy blowjobs are her thing, and we know it’s yours too!

little lofoten girl onlyfans

The sweet Norwegian also features in threesomes, BDSM, SPH, G/G/G, B/G, B/G/B, OF anal and can often be seen outdoors, in the breath-taking surroundings of the Lofoten archipelago.

OnlyFans Account Handle @littlelofotengirl_free
Fetish Norwegian / Threesome
Number of Likes 41,100
Number of Posts 166
Number of Photos/Videos 191
Price FREE

14. Yuu Sakura – Asian Deepthroat OnlyFans Queen Boasting M-Cup Tits

Meet Yuu Sakura, a Japanese beauty with ginormous M-cup tits, curves in all the right places, and the cutest doll face. The busty knock-out is a former porn star who achieved fame thanks to her Asian deepthroat OnlyFans videos.

Now that she’s left her former employers and established a private office, the thick Asian OnlyFans fox has even more creative liberty. Expect to have red-hot updates at least 6 times a week. Her content is quite diverse and you never know what you’ll get next.

yuu sakura onlyfans

Could be her having sex in a French maid’s costume, solo playing with a super realistic master dildo, or the messiest OnlyFans throatpie. You can discover all that only by subscribing! Her monthly fee of $14.99 will open the doors to a realm of deep oral pleasure and high-quality porn.

OnlyFans Account Handle @yuusakura_official
Fetish Huge Boobs / Asian
Number of Likes 102,600
Number of Posts 802
Number of Photos/Videos 4,499
Price $14.99 per month

15. Sophia Mora – Explicit, Raw, and Sloppy Deepthroat Content

She has a defying look, but this naughty caliente cutie will do pretty much everything your heart desires. Sophia Mora exposes her model silhouette in front of the camera in “explicit, raw, and hot” photos and videos. The type of content you’ve been expecting from her, right? With her spicy attitude and XXX-rated content, she’s amassed over 120,000 likes on OnlyFans and the numbers are going up by the day.

Sophia Mora has a mouth made for sin and sloppy dripping OnlyFans deepthroating. The Spanish babe makes good use of her talent and the results will leave you hard – and speechless. As sex is one of her favorite activities, you’ll find all kinds of content on her page: anal, squirting, B/G, girl-on-girl, OF threesomes, JOI, foot fetish, Ahegao, toys, cosplays, and many more.

sofi mora onlyfans

The deepthroating goddess is eager to play with you in private video calls and sexting sessions. If chatting isn’t your superpower, you can also send her a picture or video of your sausage, and she’ll gladly give her opinion.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Spanish / Model
Number of Likes 120,900
Number of Posts 13,107
Number of Photos/Videos 13,710
Price $9.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest OnlyFans Deepthroat Girl to Follow?

They practiced a lot before finding the best deepthroat OnlyFans technique, but they made it! The gag reflex is in the past and deep oral sex is the present. All the sloppy girls on our list are super skilled, but 3 of them have that je ne sais quoi that will undoubtedly charm you. Deepthroat Slushie OnlyFans is a swallowing queen. She likes to keep her dom satisfied so she’s ready to take it all 24/7.

There’s one thing Pretty in Pink loves more than tight latex gear, and that’s a wet and unexpected OnyFans throatpie. The sensual beauty is confident in her deepthroating skills, and she’ll amaze you with every chance she gets.

Third, we have Caroline, a Hungarian deepthroat OnlyFans queen, with free dick ratings and the juiciest deep oral gratification content.

Now you’ve discovered the best, make sure you give some attention to the other best OnlyFans deepthroat creators on our list.


Who are the hottest OnlyFans deepthroat creators?


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