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There’re good reasons why footjobs are well-loved and one of the most popular sex kinks. They combine two of your favorite things – feet and sex. Despite having 3 million beautiful creators on OnlyFans, not everyone knows how to use their feet in the dirty way you desire.

We know you want the best footjob girls but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, to make life easier for you, we’ve compiled this list of the 15 best OnlyFans footjob creators. From smooth soles to wrinkly toes, these babes will change the footjob game with their saucy porn and bright personalities.

The 15 Best Footjob OnlyFans Girls 2023

In this list below you will find the hottest footjob OnlyFans girls of 2023. Whether you’re looking for young teens with small feet or mature MILFs with thick soles, these are the best amateur pornstars that know how to blow your nasty horn.

A Detailed Look at the Best Footjob OnlyFans Creators

In this section, we’ll take a deeper look at each of these talented OnlyFans footjob girls. Whether you want to see your next virtual girlfriend squirt on her own toes or engage in footjob orgies, here’s the right place to look.

1. Janet Mason – Redhead Cougar Who Does Footjob Porn With Her Husband

Janet is a horny cougar in Florida with the most ridiculous pair of boobs, chubby legs, and new toenail colors every week. This real-life hotwife has been producing XXX feet content since 1998 – can you keep up with the hundreds of footjob clips on her wall?

Your doting wife films hardcore OnlyFans footjob porn with her husband. She likes caressing him with her feet until he’s hard and tickling his balls with her shimmery toenails.

Janet Mason OnlyFans

Janet knows you want a personal taste of her footjob services and this hottie is happy to hop on an OnlyFans video call to play with her feet and show you how she keeps them immaculate. Want her to wear thin stockings or do a live pedicure session? she’s up for it!

This account is exclusively dedicated to Janet’s wild footjob content/requests. For her explicit stuff in other categories, you can follow her @janetmasonxxx – where you’ll find creampie videos, BJs, anal porn, G/G sex tapes, and more.

OnlyFans Account Handle @janetmasonfeet
Fetish Redhead/Cougar
Number of Likes 19,500
Number of Posts 590
Number of Photos/Videos 573
Price $9.99 per month

2. Sweet Feet – Slutty E-Girl With Footjob Orgy Tapes On Her Wall

Can you imagine what it’s like when 10 people jerk each other off with their feet at the same time? Well, you’re about to find out. Sweet Feet is your free footjob OnlyFans e-girl with messy orgy tapes on her wall. She loves inviting her nerdy friends over for gaming sessions before things take a wild turn – her foot pussy porn will drain your balls in seconds.

Your real-life hentai girlfriend is particularly fond of oil foot massage. The shiny look and greasy texture are the best for a sensual footjob. When she’s not busy filming her group play scenes, she likes serving her hookups with erotic foot massages until they cum.

Sweet Feet OnlyFans

Sweet Feet often collaborates with other OF gamer girls and hot guys for her adult content. You’ll be seeing quite a few familiar faces and asses.

For more of Sweet Feet, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She updates her feed constantly with cosplay photos, bathroom selfies, and toenail-painting clips.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sweetfeet.io
Fetish E-girl
Number of Likes 1,200
Number of Posts 27
Number of Photos/Videos 73
Price Free

3. Vivian.feet – Italian Dirty Dancer Who Loves Giving Footjobs To Herself With Heels

Vivian is an Italian exotic dancer with an obsession with high heels – they’re the only thing she can’t live without. She may be willing to walk around her garden naked, but, she’s sure to be wearing her 11-inch heels.

This experienced performer does stripteases, aerial dances, pole dances, and dirty rumba dances. Since she’s been training as a professional dancer from a young age, Vivian is incredibly flexible. She can, and will, rub her own clit with her heels and leather boots. After all, only she knows how to push her pleasure button best.

Vivian.feet OnlyFans

You’d be surprised to see a petite girl like Vivian having a big shoe size of 9.5. The large surface area means you’ll be seeing plenty of details in her ultra-hot close-ups when she fondles herself.

This hospitable Southern European artist adores personalized customs. It turns her on to receive your filthy requests about her heels content. Whether you want her to dance privately for you or send you her worn shoes, just hit her up. She always replies within hours – often with exclusive snaps and voice notes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @vivianafeet1
Fetish Striptease
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Posts 79
Number of Photos/Videos 214
Price Free

4. FootjobsQueen – Amatuer Pornstar With The Smoothest Feet And Soles For Footjobs

Nicole is your Footjobs Queen who first rose to fame after posting her uncensored footjob porn on PornHub, where she’s accumulated over 2 million views. Now, she’s here to deliver exclusive footy stuff to show you every sex kink she can do.

Her footjob porn covers JOIs, shower scenes, cumshots, sock play, pantyhose play, toenail trimming sessions, role play, and more – there’s nothing she can’t do with her smooth feet and soles.

FootjobsQueen Nicole OnlyFans

For those of you interested in Nicole’s foot care routines, she also uploads lotion videos of her moisturizing her legs, shaving clips, and massage scenes where she exfoliates and scrubs her soles to get rid of the dead skin. As a foot fetish fan, we know this amateur pornstar’s explicit goodies will float your horny boat.

She’s the best OnlyFans footjob creator with a diverse content library and generous offers. You can preview her 1,000 pieces of hot content for free. To unlock your favorite clips, hit up Nicole and strike up a naughty deal – remember, a nice tip goes a long way and maybe she’ll throw in extra freebies for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @footjobsqueen
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 13,100
Number of Posts 327
Number of Photos/Videos 977
Price Free

5. Alissa – Pedicure Princess With Long Toenails And Intimate Footjob Videos

Nothing fuels a boner quicker than perfectly-shaped, long, and colorful toenails – and Alissa has everything you seek in an OnlyFans footjob babe. This pedicure princess likes seducing you with her toe rings and anklets before sucking on her own toes and playing with her pussy – this dangerous combo always gives her multiple orgasms at once.

As she states in her bio, she appreciates new suggestions and will take your feedback seriously – drop her your nastiest fantasies to see them featured in her next full-length footjob film.

Alissa OnlyFans

Alissa posts bi-weekly pedicure videos to satisfy your curiosity about her feet maintenance routine. Before you subscribe to this Canadian OnlyFans sweetheart, it’s important to know that Alissa is only here to feed you delicious foot content and not her face – be respectful and don’t ask for a face reveal as you’ll get banned immediately.

To win additional freebies, you can send her a gift from her Amazon wishlist. She’ll spoil you with toe close-ups and even let you choose her next racy outfit.

OnlyFans Account Handle @queenalissafeet
Fetish Pedicure
Number of Likes 681
Number of Posts 45
Number of Photos/Videos 476
Price $15 per month

6. Scarlett – Slutty Latina With Uncensored Footjob Tapes And Diverse Sexual Interests

Scarlett is a Latina footjob OnlyFans creator with uncensored XXX tapes on her wall. Her footjob and BJ tapes are irresistable. She likes it messy and sloppy with body fluids flying around everywhere.

Her killer move is to seduce her dates by lubing her toes up and rubbing their cocks before having them penetrate her hard from behind. She is one of the best footjob OnlyFans girls for OF anal porn as well.

Scarlett OnlyFans

Aside from the obvious footjob sex scenes, Scarlett is into cumshots, facials, creampies, JOIs, CEIs, deepthroating, hand jobs, rim jobs, cosplay, roleplay, oil massages, and toenail painting.

Scarlett sits among our best footjob OnlyFans creators because of her cheap pricing and upload frequency. This cheap OnlyFans Latina is only asking for $9.99 a month and delivers at least 2 full-length sex tapes every week – what’s your excuse for passing this once-in-a-lifetime offer?

OnlyFans Account Handle @scarlett.alice
Fetish Anal/Latina
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Posts 168
Number of Photos/Videos 207
Price $9.99 per month

7. De Rankin – BBW OnlyFans Blondie Who Delivers Footjob BBC Porn

It takes a BBW OnlyFans babe like De Rankin to be able to fully wrap around a giant BBC with her feet. She can jerk off multiple black guys with giant cocks at once with her insane feet surfaces and smooth moves. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself when you check out her thousands of uncensored sex tapes.

De Rankin is skilled in anal play, cumshots, facials, creampies, JOIs, deepthroating, lesbian content, threesome play, solo play, orgy play, and kink play. Her sexual interests are as varied as her erotic heels collection. She always wears latex boots, leather heels, and Greek sandals during sex.

De Rankin OnlyFans

She is also a top OnlyFans creator who offers a monthly live stream where she shoves her chubby toes in front of your screen and lubes up her big raisins to pleasure her new boyfriend. To access her live sex shows, you must turn on the autorenewal service first.

In case you want to get a free feel of her double D and raunchy stuff first before committing to a full subscription, De Rankin runs a free account @doubledboatgirl where you’ll find a full menu of her teasers to see what naughty things she’s up to.

OnlyFans Account Handle @doubledboatgirl_vip
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 132,500
Number of Posts 3,234
Number of Photos/Videos 4,699
Price $14.99 per month

8. Lana Noccioli – Brazilian Foot Model With Ourdoor XXX Footjob Content And Foot Tattoos

Lana Noccioli is one of the best footjob OnlyFans creators as well as a top-notch Brazilian OF girl who produces explicit outdoor footjob content. This Brazilian foot model has been featured in local magazines, footwear brands, and adult sites for her gorgeous long legs and big toenails.

This South American superstar has a ton of outdoor footjob clips with her seducing her manager, photographers, and clients in parking lots, forests, and iconic landmarks around the world when she’s traveling for a job.

Lana Noccioli OnlyFans

For tattoo lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that Lana is a hot tattooed OnlyFans babe with a few big and small tats on her soles, ankles, and thighs. She’s super passionate about her designs and will gladly send you HD shots during your live sexting sessions.

If you purchase something from her Amazon wishlist, Lana guarantees to wear your gift in her professional shoots and send you private previews before the piece goes live.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lananoccioli
Fetish Brazilian
Number of Likes 10,200
Number of Posts 489
Number of Photos/Videos 1,608
Price $19.99 per month

9. Sly Feet – Foot Model With Wrinkly Feet And Hour-Long Couple Footjob Porn

Sly Feet calls herself “the most stunning foot model” and guess what – we can confirm! You’ve found your match if you’re hunting for the best footjob OnlyFans girls with wrinkly soles. Her freckled legs and feet are absolutely to die for, especially when they’re covered in cum.

This magnificent foot model produces 4K couple foot play videos with her partner – quite a few of their sex tapes are almost an hour long. The sensation of having her husband’s cum on her tootsies is indescribable. Sly Feet believes it’s the best beauty treatment to keep her tiny toes delicious.Sly Feet OnlyFans

Other than her hardcore sex scenes, Sly Feet offers shoe try-on videos where she poses seductively in front of the camera while wearing sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, heels, boots, etc.

To get an all-rounded look into Sly Feet’s footjob content creation, you can follow her on her free account @slyfeetofficial as well. She posts suggestive snaps and mini teasers for her upcoming sex tapes there.

OnlyFans Account Handle @slyfeet
Fetish Couple
Number of Likes 1,500
Number of Posts 210
Number of Photos/Videos 625
Price $9.99 per month

10. MiiToy – Your Personal Sex Toy With The Sexiest Heel Bone And Private Footjob Services

Mii is eager to be your personal sex toy. This Canadian darling needs your approval and love to thrive. Although her big toes and ankles are flawless as they are, she did go ahead to further accentuate her heel bone with several cosmetic treatments. Now, her curves will get you edging on your seat for hours when she hops on a private call with you.

Since Mii craves privacy and intimacy, she loves it when you let her know about your kinks and fantasies through DM. This way, she can curate the hottest live shows for your eyes only. Of course, you’ll have to pay her well – after all, she is generous enough to offer a free subscription already.

MiiToy OnlyFans

When she’s not filming footjob stuff, you’ll mostly see Mii dipping her stunning giant toes in her bathtub, playing with her stockings until they rip, and doing her usual footcare steps.

Mii prioritizes big tippers so we encourage you to shower this curvy babe with cash. In return, there’ll be exclusive BTS clips of how her heavenly legs are born and additional steamy snaps.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miitoy
Fetish Customs
Number of Likes 324
Number of Posts 105
Number of Photos/Videos 489
Price Free

11. Asian feet beauty – Slim Asian Who Likes Doing Footjobs With Food Items

This upcoming creator’s footjob content is a little different, yet equally mesmerizing. We’ve included Unicorn in our list of the best footjob OnlyFans creators for her insane footjob porn with food items. This Asian OnlyFans belle surely has the weirdest and wildest XXX stuff that will capture your heart. She is a hot pick for your foot dipping fetish.

With over 1,000 snaps/videos, she has dipped her slim, skinny tootsies in giant bowls of cucumbers, lemons, bananas, melons, condoms, butter, ice cream, etc. Whatever unusual things you can think of, Unicorn has found sexual pleasure in them or is on her way to. Her footjobs are drool-worthy and probably hotter than most sex tapes you’ve seen.

Asian feet beauty Unicorn OnlyFans

Unicorn is a fancy girl, she likes her Gucci socks, Chanel toenail polish, and YSL sandals. You’re looking at a lady who speaks class and elegance. To spoil her right, tips are expected and much appreciated. The more you tip her, the more exclusive freebies you’ll receive in your inbox.

For Asian footjob OnlyFans subscribers, you don’t want to miss Unicorn because she covers the most mind-blowing foot acts. Besides, she updates her media folder at least twice a day to keep it evergreen and fresh – what more can you ask for?

OnlyFans Account Handle @feet_of_unicorn
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 22,700
Number of Posts 569
Number of Photos/Videos 1,290
Price $10.99 per month

12. African Goddess – Top Ebony Babe Who Loves Putting Her Big Toes In Her GF’s Ass

Up next on our list of the best footjob OnlyFans girls, we have an ebony footjob OnlyFans slut who’s all about her shoving her toes in her besties’ holes. Her XXX OF porn features other black darlings and studs. They do it in insane ass positions you didn’t know was possible – you know you’re a sucker for her creamy pussy.

African Goddess provides private tutorials, in case you’re interested in learning how to better incorporate your feet in your bedroom play. This ebony OF sweetie is attentive and will address your insecurities to better guide you in receiving and giving footjobs.

African Goddess OnlyFans

This unhelpable sex addict is also into dick ratings, creampies, triple penetration, facials, cumshots, deepthroating, masturbation, hand jobs, stripteases, oily feet, and so much more. You can’t get bored with her diverse sex kinks and daily updates.

In addition, African Goddess delivers the most interactive OnlyFans sexting services. She’s pretty much on her phone all the time – except when she’s busy filming her toe acts. You can expect prompt replies with nudes and extra freebies when she’s feeling wet.

OnlyFans Account Handle @msafricangoddesss
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 35,900
Number of Posts 667
Number of Photos/Videos 599
Price $15 per month

13. 444vanessa – Cheap Footjob Girl Who Is Crazy About High High Socks And Cum

Boasting over 233,000 likes, Vanessa is one of the best footjob OnlyFans creators who is crazy about wearing her high socks when jerking off her dates. She is skilled at facials, creampies, solo play, JOIs, CEIs, deepthroating, anal play, and toy play.

Vanessa leaves no stone unturned to find the right audience for her footjobs. This 21-year-old OnlyFans college student has seduced her professors, classmates, and neighbors with her jaw-dropping foot moves and mini dirty dances to get straight As in her classes and the attention she seeks.

444vanessa OnlyFans

With a pair of silky legs like Vanessa’s, it’s understandable how her many boyfriends always cum like a tsunami. This saucy baby girl knows how to tease her men and rub their balls to get them red hot.

Vanessa is a cheap OnlyFans babe who only charges $4.99 a month. There are dozens of full-length sex tapes at no additional cost at all.

OnlyFans Account Handle @vanessak_2002
Fetish Socks
Number of Likes 233,300
Number of Posts 286
Number of Photos/Videos 852
Price $4.99 per month

14. RAISSA CONTE – Chubby Latina Who Gives The Softest Footjobs With Her Fat Toes

Raissa is exceptionally proud of her fat toes, and rightfully so. After all, her meaty feet give the softest, most comfortable footjobs – her partner and swinger friends can all testify! You won’t be able to go back once you’ve seen her delicious chubby feet tickling her hubby’s or hookups’ cocks.

Her footjob videos are sensual and romantic. She’s the dirty feet masseuse who is about to give you the hardest boner in the softest manner. Raissa likes doing it slowly and gently. This chubby OnlyFans hotwife always starts with a nice tease on her men’s testicles before moving on to the D until they finish on her juicy toes.


Aside from the obvious footjobs, Raissa is into B/G porn, G/G collabs, threesomes, foursomes, BJs, anal play, creampies, cosplay, roleplay, bondage, rope play, and wax play. As a walking Kama Sutra, you can rest assured that this spicy Latina does it in various crazy positions in her thousands of sex scenes to keep things exciting.

To see a non-explicit side of Raissa, you can follow her Instagram. You’ll find cheeky selfies, travel photos, and exercise clips to know how she stays fit and her thick legs tasty.

OnlyFans Account Handle @raissaconte
Fetish Chubby
Number of Likes 19,400
Number of Posts 2,596
Number of Photos/Videos 4,307
Price $9.99 per month

15. Juicy Jasmyn – Busty Teen Who Squirts When Doing Footjobs

Jasmyn is a 19-year-old baby girl who got kicked out of the house by her parents for acing in sex kinks rather than her SATs. Her menu of kinks includes B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, JOIs, footjobs, BJs, creampies, anal play, sexting, customs, and squirting. This serial OnlyFans squirter is hypersensitive. As soon as her toes come across a hardened tool, she squirts.

When Jasmyn is jerking off her date with her feet, her big tits bounce up and down like crazy. Her POV porn has everything you want – her tits jiggling, her pussy squirting, and her feet moving in fast motion like a fu*k machine.

Juicy Jasmyn OnlyFans

This slutty teen loves customs. She can’t wait to hear what raunchy ideas you have about her bottom. It makes her happy to receive your requests, especially when they’re about her kitty and beautiful tootsies.

Jasmyn has already amassed nearly 1 million likes, which is the greatest proof of her premium footjob content’s popularity. To make things hotter, she often collaborates with other OnlyFans models – you’ll be seeing many pairs of alluring feet getting wet and messy together.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jasmyn2juicy
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 915,100
Number of Posts 152
Number of Photos/Videos 159
Price $20 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Footjob OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After carefully comparing their price tags, offers, and footjob content, we’ve chosen Janet Mason, Sweet Feet, and Vivian to be the best footjob OnlyFans creators of 2023.

Janet’s hardcore footjob porn with her husband depicts love and lust perfectly. This sexy housewife has a way of keeping things fun with the same person, which is ideal for those of you seeking couple footjob sex tapes.

Then, Sweeet Feet is simply a footjob freak. Her orgy scenes where all her gamer friends indulge in insane footjob acts together will blow your horny mind.

Vivian is another one of our favorites because of her crazy masturbation videos. This flexible dancer knows how to give the most erotic footjobs to herself.


Who are the hottest footjob OnlyFans creators?

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