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OnlyFans has become a global phenomenon, with creators now based in dozens of countries around the globe. One country that has seen a dramatic uptick in creator volume is Canada – with tons of super-hot models now offering both free and paid subscriptions.

With that in mind, this guide presents the best Canadian OnlyFans pages to follow in 2023. We’ll dive into what these pages offer and why they’ve become so popular before highlighting some essential factors to consider when choosing an OF model.

The 17 Best Canadian OnlyFans Creators 

Below are 17 of the best OnlyFans accounts from Canadian creators, each offering exceptional service and value for money. We’ll discuss these creators in the next section, covering their price, content type, activity level, and more. 

A Detailed Look at the Best Canada OnlyFans Girls

Many of the best free OnlyFans accounts are now offered by Canada-based creators – meaning this country has a vibrant OF community that is growing by the day! With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the creators listed above:

1. NivyPlays – Overall Best Canadian OnlyFans Creator Posting Sexy Cosplay Content

Topping our list of the best Canadian OnlyFans creators is NivyPlays. This pink-haired beauty has a unique style that has made her a hit with fans from around the globe. Nivy’s main selling point is her red-hot cosplay-style uploads, which will undoubtedly appeal to those that love fantasy content.

Nivy loves to dress up in raunchy outfits depicting well-known video game and movie characters. However, Nivy understands that everyone has their own preferences, ensuring she’s fully open to custom requests from fans. In fact, fans can even buy her outfits from her linked Amazon wish list!

nivyplays onlyfans

All of Nivy’s content is uncensored, meaning subscribers can instantly check out her perfect, petite body. As if that wasn’t enough, Nivy is the ideal partner if you’d like to sext all day – and since she’s online pretty much 24/7, replies never take more than an hour or two!

OnlyFans Account Handle @nivyplays
Fetish Cosplay/Fantasy
Number of Likes 7,100
Number of Posts 188
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 301

2. Chloe Mercy – Ultra-Sexy Petite Babe Posting Full-Length Sex Scenes

Another of the best Canadian OnlyFans accounts is Chloe Mercy (also known as French Vanilla). There are several reasons why Chloe tops our list – and her incredible body is just one of them! Fans can see Chloe bare all for just $7.99 per month – with this price dropping to just $4 for the first 31 days. 

Currently touted as one of the best OnlyFans Reddit pages, Chloe has begun to build a solid fanbase, mainly due to her Canadian connections. As a French speaker, this blonde hottie will appeal to Quebecers and French Canadians since it’s easy to establish a rapport and engage in conversation.

French Vanilla OnlyFans

Chloe’s personality is also one of her finest qualities, as she’s online pretty much all day and more than happy to chat away with subscribers. Although she doesn’t offer a fully-fledged girlfriend experience, Chloe does ensure responses are organic and authentic. 

Given Chloe’s page is relatively new, her library isn’t the biggest – but she’s uploading sexy content pretty much every day. This is excellent news for her fans, as it means they can get in at the ‘ground floor’ and see what she’s got to offer before anyone else!

OnlyFans Account Handle @chloemercy
Fetish Blonde/Curvy
Number of Likes 2,300
Number of Posts 34
Price $7.99 per month ($4 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 37

3. Kiki – Curvy Blonde Hottie with Red-Hot Media Library

If you’re looking for a different Canadian babe worth checking out is Kiki. Kiki is a tanned, blonde, tattooed creator with a body that must be seen to be believed. Although her account is relatively new, Kiki has already generated significant momentum from the OF community, amassing over 5,000 likes.

It’s easy to see why her page has become such a hit, as the red-hot nudes she posts are some of the best we’ve seen. Aside from nudes, this sexy goddess also uploads solo play videos – and even allows fans to send over custom requests!

Kiki OnlyFans

Kiki also has a linked Amazon wish list containing an array of hot outfits she’d love to wear. Fans can buy her these outfits – and she may just reward them with some exclusive content. Given all of this (and more) can be accessed for just $12.99 per month, what’s not to love?

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 5,200
Number of Posts 430
Price $12.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 663

4. Hanna Zimmer – Best Free OnlyFans Creator Based in Canada

Another top Canadian OnlyFans model to be aware of is Hanna Zimmer. This curvy goddess has built up a strong following on the platform, now boasting over 47,000 likes. Her account is free to access, making it an excellent option for those looking to avoid breaking the bank.

Most of Hanna’s content comes in the form of super-hot photos, either showcasing her lingerie collection – or her wearing nothing at all! Interestingly, Hanna notes in her bio that she can “dominate you or be obedient”, ensuring all fetishes and kinks are catered to.

Hanna Zimmer OnlyFans

Aside from nude OnlyFans content, Hanna is also great regarding responsiveness. Hanna doesn’t utilize any of the best OnlyFans marketing agencies, meaning her replies are speedy and authentic – an excellent combination for building a solid connection with her fans.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hannazimmerr
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 47,000
Number of Posts 81
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 82

5. Keona Dove – Canada-Based Asian Creator with Incredible Body

One of the best Asian OnlyFans creators based in Canada is Keona Dove. A glance at Keona’s profile will highlight why she’s ranked so highly on our list, as this petite sensation offers pretty much everything a subscriber might want.

Keona’s media library now has over 1,000 spicy photos and videos, most of which focus solely on her. This content includes slow-motion HD videos, oiling videos, booty pictures, and more. She even does PPV messages for those seeking something extra

Keona Dove OnlyFans

This Canadian student OnlyFans creator explicitly states that she doesn’t post full nudes on her page – so OF users interested in XXX-rated content will likely need to look elsewhere. However, Keona’s incredible physique certainly makes up for this and has helped her amass a remarkable 47,000 likes on the platform.

OnlyFans Account Handle @keonadovee
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 47,000
Number of Posts 440
Price $17.25 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,089

6. KC – Redheaded Hottie with Exclusive VIP Service

One of the best Canadian OnlyFans pages for those with a redhead fetish is KC. KC’s page is undoubtedly one of the hottest on our list, as this slender babe has a rapidly-growing media library containing over 200 photos/videos.

For just $9.99 per month, fans can access this library, which is updated every 2-3 days. KC isn’t afraid to show EVERYTHING to her fans – and has even set up a ‘VIP service’. This service provides priority messaging, exclusive content, live sexting, and free monthly PPVs.

KC OnlyFans

Access to this VIP service will require that users tip KC $100, yet this is entirely optional. Those looking for a more budget-friendly approach can actually sign up to KC’s page for 31 days for just $6.99 – equating to a 30% discount!

OnlyFans Account Handle @kaceyleebee
Fetish Redhead
Number of Likes 52,000
Number of Posts 230
Price $9.99 per month ($6.99 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 216

7. Rose – Quebec OnlyFans Creator Producing Hot XXX-Rated Videos

Rose is a Canada-based creator offering sexy OnlyFans porn videos. This Quebecoise OnlyFans girl has a body to die for, which makes her uncensored (and XXX-rated) content some of the best on our list!

Rose’s content covers everything that a fan might want. Her media library includes solo play, B/G action, toy play, and fetish-friendly videos. Rose is even open to custom requests from her fans and will happily rate photos of specific ‘body parts’ that her fans DM her.

Rose OnlyFans 

Another significant aspect of Rose’s page is that she’s happy to sext all her fans, with messages coming directly from her rather than a third-party agency. Although her page is a little more expensive than most, priced at $12.99 per month, new users can access her content for the first 31 days for just $6.50!

OnlyFans Account Handle @blondierosiie
Fetish Porn/XXX-rated Content
Number of Likes 147,000
Number of Posts 836
Price $12.99 per month ($6.50 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 871

8. Sunny – Ultra-Fit Canadian Model with Low Subscription Price

Sunny’s page is currently one of the best OnlyFans in Canada – and for good reason! A quick look at Sunny’s cover photo will highlight why she’s amassed over 170,000 likes on the platform, as her model-like physique is unlike anything else on our list.

It’s important to note that Sunny doesn’t post explicit content on her page, so those seeking nudes or XXX-rated videos are best checking out one of the other models we’ve reviewed. However, due to Sunny’s perfect body, she’s still generated a substantial following – and only charges $10 per month to access her page.

Sunny OnlyFans

Most of Sunny’s content is either lingerie photos, swimwear photos, or quick pics whilst she’s at the gym. Sunny even has a link to her official website, where fans can pay for additional content and even book one-to-one video calls if they wish!

OnlyFans Account Handle @sunnyandrews
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 171,000
Number of Posts 539
Price $10 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 596

9. Niko_Artmodel – Glamour Model Offering Free OnlyFans Subscription

Those looking to subscribe to a free OnlyFans in Canada may wish to check out Niko_Artmodel. Niko’s page offers something a little different to the others on our list, as she loves to be creative with “adult modelling” and “over-the-top glam”.

This busty Reddit OnlyFans model isn’t afraid to show off her amazing body in a wide range of vibrant outfits – many of which have a distinct gothic vibe. Niko is also a well-known art promoter, so fans will see regular posts that showcase exciting new pieces, adding more authenticity to the proceedings.

Niko_Artmodel OnlyFans

Niko doesn’t charge for her content, yet it’s important to note that it isn’t as explicit as others on our list. However, given Niko’s eye-popping aesthetic, she’s generated quite a substantial following on OF – with fans able to buy her gifts via her linked Amazon wish list.

OnlyFans Account Handle @niko_artmodelxo
Fetish Glam
Number of Likes 32,000
Number of Posts 548
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 647

10. Ilovesarahj – One of the Best Canadian OnlyFans Accounts for Daily Content

Ilovesarahj is one of the best Canadian OnlyFans girls with a sexy girl-next-door style. Sarah has one of the larger pages on our list, weighing in with 120,000 likes, and charges a premium price of $25 per month to access her media library.

Although this may seem steep, those who have seen Sarah’s naughty content are sure to find it acceptable! Sarah posts new content daily, mainly focused on baring all for her fans. She even has preset ‘bundles’ subscribers can pay for, containing her hottest (and most explicit) photos.

Ilovesarahj OnlyFans

Aside from OnlyFans nudes, Sarah also ensures her replies are speedy and genuine, meaning fans can chat with her and let her know their deepest desires. There’s even scope for Sarah to facilitate custom requests – although these will require a worthwhile tip if they’re to be accepted.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ilovesarahj
Fetish Girl next door
Number of Likes 120,000
Number of Posts 1,072
Price $25 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 949

11. Ms Sandra Lyn – Busty MILF Boasting High Level of Interactivity

Those seeking the best MILF OnlyFans page may wish to check out Ms Sandra Lyn. This 48-year-old “fit mom” offers an exceptional service for her fans, as she posts at least twice daily and ensures she remains as interactive as possible with her subscribers.

Describing herself as “very sexual”, Sandra is not afraid to showcase her entire body, whether that be through nude photoshoots or solo play videos. This Canada OnlyFans MILF also urges subscribers to send photos/videos of themselves that she can watch – and she might just reward those subscribers in kind!

Ms Sandra Lyn OnlyFans

Sandra sometimes involves other OF creators in her photoshoots, meaning those looking for some G/G action will surely be catered to. Although she charges a higher price point, set at $15.99 per month, fans looking to save a little cash can pay for six months upfront and receive a 20% discount.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mssandralyn
Fetish MILF/Stepmom
Number of Likes 83,000
Number of Posts 1,171
Price $15.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,258

12. Corinjamielee – Canadian Corinna Kopf OnlyFans Lookalike

One of the best Canadian OnlyFans girls with a petite and beautiful body is Corinjamielee. Corin’s content is unlike anything else on our list, as although she’s a bonafide amateur, her photos/videos have a distinct ‘professional’ feel – making her stand out from the crowd.

The great thing is that Corin doesn’t charge anything to access her content since she makes her income through tips. Most of Corin’s content is lingerie shoots, bikini photos, and workout pics, yet fans can also send over special requests, which she may accept if there’s some cash added!

Corinjamielee OnlyFans

Corin has also generated a substantial following since she has an uncanny resemblance to Corinna Kopf, who is one of the world’s most popular OF creators. However, this Canadian student OnlyFans girl certainly makes her own mark on the platform, which is why she’s generated 46,000 likes so far – and counting!

OnlyFans Account Handle @corinjclark
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 46,000
Number of Posts 371
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 459

13. TS Emma Rose – World-Famous Trans Model with Super-Hot Media Library

TS Emma Rose is perhaps the most famous creator on our list, boasting over 606,000 likes at the time of writing. Emma also has one of the largest media libraries, with more than 2,800 sexy photos and videos – most of which are pornographic.

For those unaware, Emma is the 2023 AVN and XBIZ trans performer of the year, meaning she already has a HUGE fanbase. This fanbase appears to love her content, as her orgy videos, sex tapes, and fetish-friendly media have all received tens of thousands of views.

TS Emma Rose OnlyFans

Emma is also one of the best Canadian OnlyFans creators regarding interactivity, as she allows fans to pay for one-to-one Skype sessions with her. All her content and services can be accessed for just $7.99 per month – yet new fans can get involved for free for 31 days!

OnlyFans Account Handle @ohitsemmarose
Fetish Trans
Number of Likes 606,000
Number of Posts 3,149
Price $7.99 per month (FREE for 30 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 2,892

14. Roxy Stylez – Curvy Canadian Nurse Offering Girlfriend Experience

Those seeking a Canada-based alternative to the Amouranth OnlyFans page should check out Roxy Stylez. Roxy is a 26-year-old Canadian nurse who offers one of the best Canadian OnlyFans pages for those seeking a fully-fledged girlfriend experience.

Roxy’s page can be accessed for free, as she receives compensation through subscriber tips. Her content covers both ends of the spectrum, ranging from relatively SFW lingerie shoots to full-length sex tapes. Moreover, Roxy posts new photos/videos to her wall daily!

Roxy Stylez OnlyFans

Those who re-sub to Roxy’s page will also be rewarded with some exclusive nude content, which certainly makes it worth their while. Finally, Roxy also ensures it’s easy for fans to find exactly what they’re looking for, as she’s set up clickable labels linking to different content types – a relatively rare feature on OnlyFans!

OnlyFans Account Handle @roxystylezz
Fetish Girlfriend Experience
Number of Likes 49,000
Number of Posts 628
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 924

15. Mikayla Demaiter – Bombshell Canadian Model with Free OF Account

Although the Belle Delphine OnlyFans page remains one of the most popular, Mikayla Demaiter’s is certainly close behind. This unreal model has 448,000 likes on the platform, mainly due to her busty physique and bubbly personality.

Mikayla is a Canadian Instagram influencer, who has more than 1.6m followers, and counting. Given Instagram doesn’t support adult content, Mikayla has transitioned her super-naughty photos over to OF – and doesn’t charge subscribers to access them!

Mikayla Demaiter OnlyFans 

Most of the photos Mikayla posts are nearly nude, featuring her in swimwear, in the bath, or posing in lingerie. As noted in her bio, Mikayla also has a VIP service that fans can pay for – where her exclusive (and explicit) content is housed!

OnlyFans Account Handle @mikayla_demaiter
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 448,000
Number of Posts 438
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 560

16. Original Ebony Slim – Ebony Goddess Posting JOI Videos

One of the best ebony OnlyFans creators based in Canada is Original Ebony Slim. As a self-described “horny ebony princess”, this sexy creator posts explicit daily nudes and videos – all of which need to be seen to be believed! 

As one of the best Canadian OnlyFans girls for XXX-rated content, Original Ebony Slim is happy to sext with her fans and will even permit body part ratings, if a tip is attached. As noted in her bio, all replies come directly from her, with fans also able to send over custom requests.

Original Ebony Slim OnlyFans

Original Ebony Slim also posts JOI videos semi-regularly, which adds a level of interactivity that can sometimes be lacking with other pages. Finally, fans can even show their appreciation by buying her clothing items from her linked Amazon wish list – which she may wear in future photos/videos!

OnlyFans Account Handle @originalebonyslim
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 154,000
Number of Posts 750
Price $9.99 per month ($4 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 661

17. Exotic Barbie – Top Canadian OnlyFans Girl with Wide Range of Sexy Content

Rounding off our list of the best Canadian OnlyFans creators is Exotic Barbie. Exotic Barbie is an excellent option for those seeking OnlyFans porn, as this busty model posts pretty much everything a subscriber could hope for.

Her media library includes daily nudes, fetish-friendly content, XXX-rated videos, and more. Exotic Barbie also notes that her DMs are always open, making it easy to sext her all day – or even send her pics that she will happily rate!

Exotic Barbie OnlyFans

Exotic Barbie is also one of the few Canadian OnlyFans girls that offers both a free and a paid account. Those looking for extra-hot content can subscribe to the latter for $14.99 per month, permitting access to a HUGE video archive filled with sex tapes and other NSFW media.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rubybabyred
Fetish XXX-rated content
Number of Likes 51,000
Number of Posts 780
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 820

How to Find the Best Canadian OnlyFans Girls

Identifying high-quality Canadian OnlyFans girls can seem daunting – especially given the abundance of options! However, by bearing in mind the factors listed below, OF users can streamline the decision-making process and uncover an array of hidden gems: 

Subscription Price Discount

Finding the top Canadian OF models is similar to identifying high-quality Latina OnlyFans or Indian OnlyFans creators because price is a crucial factor to consider. Fortunately, many of the Canadian models on our list offer a hefty discount during a subscriber’s first month on the platform.

For example, Chloe Mercy charges fans just $4 to access her media library for 31 days. Creators that take this approach tend to be highly sought after, as the discounted ‘trial period’ provides a low-cost way to check out what the page offers before pledging long-term.

Free vs Paid

Like the best dating apps, some OF pages are free to access, whilst others come at a cost. Moreover, many creators will offer a free account that acts as a ‘taster’ for what the paid page has in store!

Importantly, just because a creator doesn’t charge for their page doesn’t mean their content is lacking. Quite the opposite, as free OF pages tend to net creators above-average amounts of tips, making it worth their while.

Style of Content

Content style is essential to consider, as not all OF pages offer a similar service. Some pages focus on lingerie/swimwear photos, whilst others post hardcore sex tapes. Thus, OF users should review the creator’s bio to ensure they offer EXACTLY what they’re looking for before subscribing.

OnlyFans content 

Responsiveness & Personalization

The best Canadian OnlyFans girls also ensure their service is stop-notch by personally responding to DMs. This helps build a genuine connection with their fans, enhancing the likelihood of long-term subscriptions. The top pages even guarantee speedy responses, which helps prevent online conversations from dying out.

Scope for Custom/Additional Content

Much like the best Asian OnlyFans, the most-popular Canadian creators are more than happy to entertain custom requests from subscribers. This content could be anything, from wearing specific clothing items to giving fans a shout-out. However, OF creators won’t do this for free – a worthwhile tip must be attached if these requests are to be accepted!

Level of Activity

Finally, the best Canadian OnlyFans pages excel when it comes to their activity level. It’s no use paying for an OF page that only posts once per week, as this is a surefire way for the page to become dull. Thus, it’s vital to seek out creators that upload new content on a daily or near-daily basis, as these creators tend to offer the best value for money.

Conclusion — Who is the Top Canadian OnlyFans Creator to Follow?

In conclusion, this article has taken an in-depth look at the best Canadian OnlyFans accounts, covering what they offer and why they’ve generated such huge fanbases.

The Canada OnlyFans page that tops our list right now is NivyPlays. This petite hottie charges just $9.99 to access her super-hot content, which includes high-quality photos and videos of her baring all.

Aside from OnlyFans nudes, Nivy also excels when it comes to responsiveness. She’s online almost all day, offering speedy replies and making building a genuine (and long-lasting) connection easy!


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