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Gangbangs aren’t for the faint of heart, but for some, they’re the motherlode of kink. That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of the baddest, hottest gangbang OnlyFans creators out there to help you explore this fetish in all its glory.

These babes know exactly what gangbangs fans need – from group sex videos to intense foursomes, orgies, and more. Plus, they bring their own brand of beauty and personality to every scene. Get ready for 2023‘s best OnlyFans gangbang creators – you won’t find this kind of heat anywhere else!

The 15 Best OnlyFans Gangbang Girls 2023

The best OnlyFans gangbang girls will make you wish you could join in! Subscribing to their OnlyFans is the next best thing:

A Detailed Look at the Best Gangbang OnlyFans Creators

Are you ready for some high-octane gangbang action? Then it’s time to check out the best OnlyFans gangbang creators leading the pack this year:

1. Gina – 2023‘s OnlyFans Gangbang and Bukkake Queen

Gina tops our list of the best OnlyFans gangbang creators for a simple reason: she can do it all. Her gangbang videos are basically a mash-up of the hottest porn categories. See Gina get DP’d, spit roasted, and enjoy some of the best OnlyFans anal action this side of the internet. Then watch her deepthroat a whole bunch of guys before wrapping it up with a glorious bukkake and premium creampie gangbang OnlyFans scenes.

She also knows her way around bondage and BDSM, especially with restraints and gags. She covers other kinks too – facials, automatic sex machines, MF creampies, feet and foot jobs, squirting, and cumplay are some of her favorites. 

Gina OnlyFans

With 680+ pics and videos already in her OF account and 10 NSFW streams you can rewatch, your $15 subscription fee offers incredible value. Squeeze even more out of your first month by grabbing Gina’s 50% promo for your first 30 days.

Want to gift yourself a customized gangbang video? Gina can do it for you, including any special details like how many guys you want in there – for the right price, of course.

OnlyFans Username @gbhoney
Fetish PAWG/Blonde
Number of Posts 602
Number of Likes 17,800
Number of Photos and Videos 670
Price  $15 per month

2. Vina Sky – Unlock Vina Sky Gangbang OnlyFans Exclusive Videos

Searching for “Vina Sky OnlyFans gangbang videos” will yield over three million results. We’re not surprised – watching multiple dudes destroy this petite Vietnamese model is some type of heaven. While you can find Vina Sky gangbang videos floating on the internet, Vina reserves her hottest stuff for her private OnlyFans.

Right now, her account already has 250+ video uploads, and a good number of those are Vina Sky gangbang OnlyFans content. Aside from straight-up gangbangs, those videos also include Vina Sky in orgies, threesomes, having anal and interracial fun, and some of the best OnlyFans lesbian sex scenes of 2023.

Vina Sky OnlyFans

That’s on top of the 1,500+ photos and 1,200+ posts that are also in her archive. Vina Sky updates her collection everyday week so there’s always something new to enjoy. If you want a peek at her content before subscribing to her OF account, follow her Instagram account where she posts teasers occasionally. 

In case you’re ready to subscribe, Vina Sky only charges $8 a month for her OF. In it for the long haul? Her bundle discounts start at 15% off for three months, all the way to 25% off for a 12-month subscription.

OnlyFans Username @vinaskyy
Fetish Vietnamese
Number of Posts 1,205
Number of Likes 483,000
Number of Photos and Videos 1,797
Price  $8 per month

3. Genesis Kiss – Bisexual Swinger Who Loves GangBangs

On her OF profile, Genesis Kiss tells us that she loves “to look cute and get covered in cum 🥰.” She’s also “Passionate About Sucking Cock“. A girl like this is a shoo-in for the best OnlyFans gangbang girls!

For only $6.99 a month, you can watch all of her 400+ videos, many of which are her OnlyFans girl gangbang scenes. They almost always end in facials and with Genesis covered in her favorite thing in the world. That leaves around 1,400+ photos for you to explore. Have fun finding the stills and photo sets from her gangbang videos!

genesis kiss onlyfans

When she’s not in the middle of a gangbang, Genesis Kiss is getting it on with her fellow babes or having fun with other couples. She’s also a big swinger with several orgy videos included in her OF library. 

The longer you stay with Genesis, the more money you can save on your subscription. Her three-month bundle shaves 20% off your subscription, going up to 40% off 12 months. If you’d rather stay on a monthly sub, it’ll only cost you $6.99.

OnlyFans Username @genesiskiss
Fetish Bisexual
Number of Posts 1,256
Number of Likes 55,600
Number of Photos and Videos 1,915
Price  $6.99 per month

4. STL Swingers – Swinger IRL with the Hottest OnlyFans Wife Gangbang Videos

STL Swingers, aka Erika, is a petite blonde from St. Louis, Missouri who looks ravishing from any angle. When it comes to sex, the more, the merrier for this real-life swinger. That makes her OnlyFans gangbang porn videos prime content. Erika isn’t faking it for the camera – gangbangs and group sex are what she lives for!

Besides being an IRL swinger, Erika is also one of the best hotwife OnlyFans creators on the platform, too. She roleplays that to perfection in her wife gangbang scenes, all of which are exclusively available on her OF. 

STL Swingers OnlyFans

Want a keepsake that shows everyone how much you love this Southern swinger? Go over to her Spring store (linked in her profile) to buy her “Erika Swingz” branded merch like indoor pillows, wall tapestries, and beach towels.

Her subscription price is pretty high at $24.99 a month, but it’s loaded with value. As it stands, Erika already has 8,500+ uploads – nearly  900 are videos – enough to keep you busy for a while! 

Subscribing will also unlock her tip menu if your idea of a keepsake is custom porn. Want to join her next swinger party? DM her to ask about her monthly St. Louis meetups. A spot isn’t guaranteed, but we reckon paid subs get priority!

OnlyFans Username @stlswingers
Fetish Swinger
Number of Posts 2,090
Number of Likes 98,500
Number of Photos and Videos 8,448
Price  $24.99 per month

5. Riley Reid – Gangbang BBC Champ & Celebrity Pornstar

Riley Reid isn’t just one of best OnlyFans pornstars – she’s one of the top pornstars of all time. So expect no less than the hottest gangbang smut from Riley “Oh f*ck, put it back!” Reid. To date, she already has 2.76 million likes on her OF, and we’re guessing her OnlyFans BBC gangbang scenes make up a large part of that number.

Aside from treating BBCs like VIPs, Riley’s gangbang content is chock-full of deepthroating, facials, and rough sex scenes from anal to DP. She goes both ways, too, so in between the gangbangs are lesbian sex scenes and MFF threesomes plus BTS snaps from her porn videos.

Riley Reid OnlyFans

Riley has more than 15,600+ uploads to date and this hardworking star uploads almost daily. Not sure about spending $24.99 on one of the best OnlyFans gangbang girls? Grab her 80% discount off your first 30 days so you can browse her entire library before making a long-term decision.

After subscribing, remember to DM her #URCHANCE to “see what would happen if we swiped right on an app with one another“. This XXX Tinder fairytale is a freebie to new subscribers, but we recommend getting it sooner than later since it’s only available for a limited time.

OnlyFans Username @rileyreidx3
Fetish BBC
Number of Posts 1,841
Number of Likes 2,730,000
Number of Photos and Videos 15,668
Price  $24.99 per month

6. Ava Austen – Fake Taxi Star Making Gangbang Porn on OnlyFans

Ava Austen is a busty OnlyFans creator who’s happily married, but her vows definitely did not include being loyal to one dick. Luckily, her husband is equally freaky and co-stars in some of Ava’s videos on OF. Make no mistake, though – this is the Ava Austen show, whether she’s getting demolished in a gangbang on OnlyFans or sharing a unicorn with her husband. 

As for her gangbang content, Ava delivers it all and more. You’ve got the staples – deepthroats, anal, facials – along with messy spit play, squirting, and creampie gangbang OnlyFans scenes. If you want a break from all the group sex, click play on the 200+ videos in her account and browse her nearly 400 XXX photos in her library.

Ava Austen OnlyFans

As we said, her husband is a willing participant in Ava’s sexcapades. They love sharing women and playing with other couples for wife swaps. They’ve also got some classic MF sex scenes uploaded, and this duo gets rough.

None of these 600+ uploads are behind PPV – they’re all yours once you subscribe to Ava’s OF for $39.99. Feeling a bit of sticker shock? Get 60% off your first month if you subscribe ASAP.

OnlyFans Username @ava_austen_vip
Fetish Facials
Number of Posts 305
Number of Likes 6,200
Number of Photos and Videos 654
Price  $39.99 per month

7. Karmen – BBC Gangbang Lover with Free OnlyFans Account

When we discovered Karmen’s OnlyFans, we knew right away she had to be on this list. Her cover photo is Karmen with her ass in the air like a cat in heat, surrounded by five shirtless black guys. So if your taste in OnlyFans gangbang porn leans towards the interracial, that’s a clear sign you’re in the right place.

And did we mention that Karmen’s OF is free? No one offers 4,000+ photos and videos for FREE if they don’t love what they’re doing. For Karmen, that’s getting railed by a group of guys in front of the camera, preferably with a creampie for dessert.

Karmen OnlyFans


Karmen is also a certified OnlyFans MILF who recorded her pregnancy the XXX way: by filming pregnant porn videos. And yes, it’s all available on her free OnlyFans page, along with dozens of anal, squirting, threesomes, lesbian, and orgy sex scenes.

You can also request a detailed dick rating from Karmen (her favorite thing to do!) or treat yourself to one of her steamy sexting sessions. She does say “My fans become my best friends” on her profile, so here’s your chance to hook an OnlyFans FWB.

OnlyFans Username @free_karmen
Fetish Orgies
Number of Posts 4,252
Number of Likes 258,000
Number of Photos and Videos 4,459
Price  FREE

8. Rosa – Real-Life Hotwife Addicted to BBC Bulls & Gangbangs

Rosa is a teacher by day, and a petite cutie making the best OnlyFans gangbang videos on by night. Before OnlyFans, Rosa only filmed her exploits for her husband’s private collection. But seven years into living the hotwife life, she finally decided to bless OnlyFans with her unique brand of gangbang and hotwife porn.

She’s addicted to BBC bulls and eagerly explores the ins and outs of interracial relationships with them whenever she can. Filming BBC gangbang OnlyFans content is her favorite way to do this, and these videos make up a good portion of her 670+ videos (roughly 90 hours) on OF.

Rosa OnlyFans

In fact, Rosa gives you a taste of her interracial porn talents the moment you subscribe. You’ll receive three free videos when you join, one of which is a 20-minute hardcore BBC sex tape. That’s on top of the limited-time 40% discount she’s offering for your first 30 days.

Besides BBC sex scenes and gangbangs, Rosa’s OnlyFans cuckold videos are also must-sees. Her husband plays the cuck part so well and they have an awesome taste in bulls. Her lesbian sex scenes are top-notch as well!

OnlyFans Username @rosalindxxx
Fetish Interracial
Number of Posts 2,734
Number of Likes 173,900
Number of Photos and Videos 2,531
Price  $25 per month

9. Tamara Inked – BBC Worshipper and OnlyFans Gangbang Creator

We’ve got another interracial queen on our list of the best gangbang OnlyFans accounts! Tamara is a UK OnlyFans creator who, together with her husband, is all about that swinger life. She spends much of her free time in UK swinger clubs hoping to find enough BBCs to join her for a hardcore gangbang session.

It rarely takes long because Tamara is a BBC magnet with that porcelain skin, waist-length black hair, tattoos, and blue eyes. That’s led to plenty of gangbang creampie OnlyFans videos among her 400+ uploads, with five BBC gangbang scenes as part of the most recent upload.

Tamara Inked OnlyFans

Tamara also loves exploring different sexual fantasies, including husband sharing, cuck content with her husband (who’s also her cameraman on some shoots), and the GFE for a nice tip. Her squirting clips are on another level, too. As Tamara herself calls it, she’s got a “super soaker pussy”!

For $10 a month, you can check out more than 3,600 explicit photos and videos that Tamara already has on OnlyFans. No PPV, no spam ads of other girls, no wasting time. You get access to all her content – including all that gangbang goodness – as soon as you join.

OnlyFans Username @tamara_inked
Fetish Tattoos
Number of Posts 1,738
Number of Likes 82,500
Number of Photos and Videos 3,587
Price  $10 per month

10. Lexi Nicole – OnlyFans Gangbang Creator with 1,000+ Videos

Lexi Nicole loves being the center of attention, whether it’s in a threesome, orgy, or gangbang on OnlyFans. She especially loves gangbangs because there’s no other girl to steal her thunder. Lexi practically quivers with excitement once the action begins!

Lexi and her husband are also one of the hottest OnlyFans couples in the scene right now. They’re swingers IRL, and they enjoy creating OnlyFans wife gangbang content for Lexi’s account. Speaking of swinging, they’re also fans of wife swaps, DP, swinger 4-play, and BJ swaps – discover the rest yourself when you subscribe to Lexi’s OnlyFans.

Lexi Nicole OnlyFans

As of 2023, Lexi already has 4,500+ uploads available in her OF library. A cool 1,000+ of those are videos (many full-length) documenting Lexi’s gangbang adventures. You may also find some of your favorite OF creators in a sex scene cameo – Lexi is super social and always happy to collab.

You can also DM Lexi to fulfill your requests like a custom sex tape from her and her husband in exchange for a nice tip. If you have a certain fetish you want to see her try out, go ahead and ask – she’s very open to trying new things in bed.

OnlyFans Username @gionlexi
Fetish Swinger/Swaps
Number of Posts 3,358
Number of Likes 104,100
Number of Photos and Videos 4,843
Price  $4.99 per month

11. Sweet Vickie – Pretty Mommy Uploading Hardcore Gangbang Porn on OnlyFans

Welcome to the OnlyFans page of Sweet Vickie, a 39-year-old mom of three and one of the best OnlyFans gangbang girls you need to follow this 2023. Her videos have that taboo touch that makes them hotter than average. Ever fantasized about banging the hot mom next door with your friends? That’s just one of Vickie’s hardcore OnlyFans specialties.

Maybe it’s her motherly instincts at play, but Vickie also knows how to milk her studs until they give her the hottest gangbang creampie OnlyFans has to offer. Her BBC gangbang OnlyFans videos are also the stuff of legend– those BBCs may be riding her, but Vickie is 100% in the lead!

Sweet Vickie OnlyFans

Subscribing for $19.99 a month will instantly unlock Vickie’s 1,700 uploads for your viewing pleasure. Aside from gangbangs, she’s also got girl-girl and boy-girl sex tapes, as well as more interracial porn, squirting, facials, and anal sex.

As a welcome gift, you’ll receive a special creampie video for free after you subscribe. Wanna say thanks? Vickie isn’t picky – the only thing on her Amazon wishlist is a Visa gift card.

OnlyFans Username @sweetvickievip
Fetish MILF/Taboo
Number of Posts 972
Number of Likes 134,300
Number of Photos and Videos 1,634
Price  $19.99 per month

12. Yun Yun – The Asian Gangbang Queen of OnlyFans 

Yun Yun is an Asian OnlyFans creator who finds joy in sharing her gangbang adventures with the public. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous – her milky skin and 32Gs look exquisite while men bulldoze her in every position.

For $12 per month, you get full access to her 2,300+ media on OnlyFans, including all of her full-length OnlyFans BBC gangbang scenes. Specializing in kink and fetish content, Yun Yun also offers fresh cuckolding and hotwife sex tapes as well as solo masturbation with fingering and squirting highlights.

Yun Yun OnlyFans

We also love Yun Yun’s attention to the quality of her content. Her uploads are at least HD, and many are in crystal-clear 4K so you don’t miss any of that OnlyFans girl gangbang action. Yun promises daily updates and showers her subscribers with freebies. 

Yun Yun is offering a sweet deal right now: enjoy your first 30 days at 75% off, or commit to her bundles for bigger discounts and free content. For instance, subscribing for three months comes at 10% off with three free porn videos, all the way to 18 free videos for a 12-month sub!

OnlyFans Username @u9712828
Fetish Busty/Hotwife
Number of Posts 1,330
Number of Likes 109,900
Number of Photos and Videos 2,271
Price  $12 per month

13. Valire – Texan Beauty Who’s Obsessed with Gangbangs & Glory Holes

Valire is a Texan beauty with some impressive amateur OnlyFans gangbang content. Despite the raw quality, Valire has a professional approach to this niche. She’s got a group called “Val’s Gangbangs and Glory Holes” where you can watch her XXX videos and connect with other Valire fans.

If you don’t care about getting social with other gangbang fans, her OnlyFans is more than enough to keep you occupied. She has more than 490 photos and videos already, and new content comes out every Wednesday. It’s either a glory hole clip or an OnlyFans creampie gangbang scene. Gotta love a purist! 

Valire OnlyFans

Valire also goes the extra mile to make your tips feel worth it. All tippers get some form of reward, whether it’s an NSFW voice note, nude selfie, or video. Top tippers can even decide what kind of scene she does next. 

She’ll also ask you to vote about her upcoming content every month, which is a great way for her fans to stay involved in her OnlyFans journey. As an added bonus, you can earn points depending on how much you spend on her OF every month.

OnlyFans Username @lilmizzfuntime2
Fetish Brunette
Number of Posts 422
Number of Likes 12,900
Number of Photos and Videos 491
Price  $20 per month

14. Sheyla Mell – OnlyFans Brazilian Barbie who Loves Gangbangs

Sheyla Mell is a Brazilian OnlyFans bombshell who loves gangbangs more than anything. She’s got the body for it, too – curves for a solid grip, an anal-ready bubble but, and huge boobs to catch those cumshots. 

You can find some of the best gangbang OnlyFans videos inside her private library, which already has nearly 500 videos and photos. Need to catch your breath? Slow down and get to know Sheyla more by browsing through her 400+ naughty posts on her profile.

Sheyla Mell OnlyFans

Sheyla also caters to other fetishes like feet, DP, squirting, and the occasional lesbian sex scene. Got some money to burn? This OnlyFans hottie accepts custom requests for premium porn videos starring her many partners.

You can also tip her for an XXX video call or a sexting session. The higher the tip, the raunchier the sessions become. You can also ask Sheyla to rate your dick – slide the photo to her inbox along with any special requests and a fat tip, then wait for it to hit your inbox.

OnlyFans Username @sheyla.mell
Fetish Brazillian
Number of Posts 441
Number of Likes 18,600
Number of Photos and Videos 491
Price  $5 per month

15. Zulu Barb – South African Babe Hungry for Creamy Gangbangs

Finally, we’re going all the way to Johannesburg for our final entry! Say hello to Zulu Barb, a South African OnlyFans creator who’s also a rising amateur OnlyFans gangbang star. Her account is relatively small at 180+ videos right now, but we’re already seeing big things from this ebony hottie.

And by “big”, we mean BBCs stretching out Zulu in red-hot gangbang scenes with barely any editing. It’s amateur smut at its finest, but in HD quality so you can see every drop during her OnlyFans creampie gangbang finales.

Zulu Barb OnlyFans

Zulu also enjoys her alone time, as you can see from the solo masturbation vids in her back catalog. She’s also got some classic MF scenes that usually end in messy facials. Zulu’s also venturing into threesome territory with both MMF and FFM videos on the mix.

Aside from regular uploads on her OF, Zulu also likes working on custom porn requests. Her favorite themes are BDSM, roleplay, and fetish, and you can also ask her to wear outfits of your choice in the scenes.

OnlyFans Username @barb_zulu
Fetish Ebony
Number of Posts 147
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Photos and Videos 179
Price  $10 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Gangbang OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Gina takes the bukka-cake as our top gangbang OnlyFans creator of 2023. We just love how this babe is up for absolutely anything, whether that’s a BBC DP, a classic spit-roast, or a facial fest. 

Gina’s flexibility as an OF creator made her an easy pick, too. Her BDSM and kink content is just as hot as her gangbang scenes, and her 50% off promo makes subscribing a no-brainer.

Special mention goes out to Vina Sky – her OF makes it a breeze to find Vina Sky OnlyFans gangbang videos! No need to click on shady porn sites just to watch several dudes gang up on a Vietnamese chick.

We also recommend adding Genesis Kiss to your OF gangbang collection. This bisexual swinger is happiest when she’s covered in jizz, aka the best ending to a good gangbang!


Who are the hottest gangbang OnlyFans creators?

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