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If you’ve been looking to feast on the curviest, thickest gals, you’ve come to the right place. To save your time, we’ve looked everywhere on OnlyFans and found these 15 best BBW OnlyFans girls of 2023. Believe us, you’ll love what you’re about to see. BBW, which stands for Big Beautiful Women, is one of the most popular breeds on OF for their mesmerizing physiques and high appetite for sex.

Since there’s an abundant supply of these XXL babes, we’ve created this ultimate guide to help you choose among the top creators. We’ll go through each of the 15 best BBW OnlyFans girls to see why you should subscribe to them. From their XXX content to responsiveness to pricing, we’ll go through every category that matters to you.

The 15 Best BBW OnlyFans Girls of 2023

Let us be your guide and let’s dive straight in to see what the 15 top BBW OnlyFans girls have to offer:

A Detailed Look at the Best BBW OnlyFans Creators

The overwhelming amount of talented chubby OF girls available can make things difficult. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled this list of the heaviest, sexiest, and most lustful BBW OnlyFans creators in 2023. It’s time to unlock their secrets and find your dirty match made in heaven.

1. Kiki – Hottest BBW Blonde Goddess With A Massive XXX Content Library

Kiki is truly the hidden gem you didn’t know you needed. Despite not being as famous as some of the big names we’ll cover, the OnlyFans queen still ranks top on our list of the best BBW OnlyFans girls – for good reasons. The blonde bombshell has extensive tattoo work done all the way down her right arm, fingers, and side boobs.

Her obsession with selfies makes her one of the best nude OnlyFans creators with daily XXX updates. She specializes in G/G sex tapes, B/G porn, cosplay, lingerie play, and solo play – that’s a lot of good stuff to keep you occupied.

Kiki OnlyFans Profile

In case you’re hungry for more, the chubby princess accepts customized requests, including video calls, to deliver an immersive experience for you. Want to see her appetizing BBW bum and jaw-dropping tits up close? The big tits OF BBW will gladly jiggle her assets to make you blush and hard.

Her filthy mind and caring personality will provide an authentic and erotic OnlyFans BBW ride. Besides, she’s only asking for $9.99 a month – that’s an unbelievably sweet deal you don’t want to miss.

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Blonde/Curvy
Number of Likes 5,700
Number of Posts 479
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 718

2. Anastasia – Sexy Asian BBW Who Loves Getting Dirty And Messy

Although Anastasia isn’t the heaviest, her insane adult content and delicious ass have gained her a spot here. We know you adore drool-worthy curves and we guarantee you’ll love this BBW Asian OnlyFans belle, who is daring, feisty, and very naughty.

Anastasia may look harmless at first but don’t let that fool you because her curvy look is about to drain your balls in the hottest way possible. Her flat chest makes her bubble butt even juicier – check out her uncensored videos and judge for yourself. Her extraordinary measurements have made her among our OnlyFans best BBW creators.

Anastasia OnlyFans Hotwife

As a dedicated cum addict, there’s nothing more appealing than having warm loads on her face, chunky body, and ass. Her diverse content library is full of pics and clips of her doing different raunchy BBW sex acts. Whether you’re looking for extreme stripteases or full-length sex tapes, Anastasia has got everything you want.

All her outrageous videos are yours to enjoy for $7.99. You also get instant access to her inbox for private roleplay sessions. Right now, she’s even offering 50% off for your first month – there’s no excuse to pass on this deal, is there?

OnlyFans Username @anastasia_vip_xxx
Fetish Asian
Number of Photos/Videos 142
Number of Posts 125
Number of Likes 370
Price $7.99 per month

3. De Rankin – Heftiest BBW Hotwife With A Diverse Content Library

Meet De Rankin, your hefty hotwife and one of the best BBW OnlyFans girls with loads of sex skills up her sleeve. As a BBW fan, you won’t be disappointed with her XXX close-ups featuring her butterfly pussy, heavy boobs, and chunky thighs.

The OF hotwife covers a variety of BBW adult content, including threesomes, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, roleplay, and more. She loves feeding into your BBW MILF fantasies and giving you the best boner ever.

De Rankin OnlyFans

If you want more of De Rankin, she runs a free page as well. Her free page is one of the best BBW OnlyFans creator accounts packed with teasers, topless selfies, and masturbation clips. Just know that her premium account is the only place for her to produce full-length, explicit BBW videos.

OnlyFans Username @doubledboatgirl_vip
Fetish Hotwife
Number of Photos/Videos 3,986
Number of Posts 2,557
Number of Likes 2,600
Price $19.99 per month

4. Oliviasworld95 – BBW Princess With Unbelievable 42H Boobs

Up next on our list of the best BBW OnlyFans girls is Olivia. The chubby queen is proud to fill your screen with her fat ass and drippy lady part. The self-proclaimed “belly fupa goddess” is about to stun you with her confidence and loving personality.

She loves posting curvy nudes to tease you with her floppy belly. The kink-friendly sex performer is always down to play. Whatever crazy virtual sex requests you have, she’s here to explore them with you. 

Oliviasworld95 Onlyfans

As a top creator on OnlyFans, Olivia has reaped over 174,000 likes for her tantalizing content. There are over 1,000 media files waiting for you to discover. The giving babe has said that she will DM fans with additional BBW porn videos for every 100 likes she receives on the platform.

With all the goodies she has to offer, can you believe that her subscription fee is cheaply priced at $10? For a more romantic experience, you can slide into her DMs with your best pickup lines to grab her attention. 

OnlyFans Username @bbw-oliviasworld95
Fetish Redhead
Number of Photos/Videos 1,256
Number of Posts 1,108
Number of Likes 174,000
Price $10 per month

5. Rose – Pansexual BBW Amateur Pornstar Who Is LGBT-Friendly

Among our best BBW big booty OnlyFans creators, Rose is one of the most diverse babes when it comes to the people she collaborates with. The pansexual amateur pornstar welcomes fans of all genders and sexual orientations.

Let the numbers speak the truth. Rose is blessed with a 50-inch giant ass, 36F bust size, and a small waist – isn’t that exactly what you’re after in one of the best BBW OnlyFans girls? Her heavenly figure coupled with her diverse content explains how she’s gotten a massive loyal fanbase.

Rose OnlyFans

The BBW OnlyFans pornstar is skilled at squirting, solo play, cosplay, bathroom nudes, toy play, XXX collabs, and more. Rose loves greeting new fans with a personal welcome message so be sure to say hello.

Rose runs a cheap page. For $6, you get unrestricted access to her thousands of racy BBW photos/videos as well as her inbox.

OnlyFans Username @rose_la_reine
Fetish Pornstar/Cosplay
Number of Photos/Videos 6,366
Number of Posts 4,220
Number of Likes 85,800
Price $6 per month

6. BBW Mom – Bubbly BBW MILF With A Free Account And Uncensored JOIs

Let us introduce you to BBW Mom, a tattooed BBW OnlyFans creator quickly rising to fame. Once you see her spicy nipple piercings, bubble butt, and decadent content, you’ll be edging on your seat all night.

From OF JOIs, stripteases, creampies, anal porn, B/G sex tapes, squirting, cumshots, and sexting, the chubby American mom is here to serve you right with her 500 media files.

Since she runs a free BBW OnlyFans account, you can expect steamy teasers and premium videos reserved for your eyes only through PPVs.

BBW Mom OnlyFans

BBW Mom wants more than to just feed you her pre-recorded dirty tapes – she wants to deliver the most personalized services. She’s expressed her desire to be your “personal pornstar”.

For those of you on the hunt for a racy OnlyFans BBW with a romantic side, you’ve found your BBW Mom!

OnlyFans Username @bbw-mom-free
Fetish MILF/Pornstar
Number of Photos/Videos 489
Number of Posts 605
Number of Likes 49,100
Price Free

7. Darling Nicky – Your Ebony BBW Girlfriend With Thousands of Steamy Pics/Videos

That bright smile, those soul-sucking eyes, and her curvy bottom explain perfectly why Darling Nicky is one of our hottest ebony BBW OnlyFans creators. The thick OF model has an enormous bum that’ll leave you begging for more.

To date, there are over 1,000 HD pics/videos on her wall. She’s into masturbation, orgies, lesbian play, threesomes, squirting, creampies, cumshots, BJs, and cosplay.

Darling Nicky OnlyFans

If you want to see Darling Nicky wear a particular outfit, you can buy her one from her wishlist – she promises to make your wet dreams come true with exclusive goodies.

 There’s no OnlyFans PPV content here – all of Nicky’s best nudes and sex tapes are yours with a $10 sub. 

OnlyFans Username @darlingnicky
Fetish Curvy
Number of Photos/Videos 1,010
Number of Posts 676
Number of Likes 71,600
Price $10 per month

While there’s a sea of trending BBW creators on OnlyFans, none shares the confidence Fat Brat has. She’s not shy to tell you how her 46H tits, 62-inch butt, and freckled face are the absolute finest in the industry. Nothing is fake.

With 1,000 pieces of hot BBW content, it’s hard to believe that Fat Brat rarely does the same thing twice while wearing the same costume – you just have to see it to believe it. She adores belly play, tit play, solo play, XXX close-ups, toy play, and more.

FatBrat OnlyFans

To get a taste of her hotness, you can enjoy a 30-day OnlyFans free trial now – be warned, you won’t be able to resist her fascinating BBW content and will want to stay.

OnlyFans Username @fatbrat
Fetish BBW
Number of Photos/Videos 973
Number of Posts 10,170
Number of Likes 314,600
Price $6 per month

9. Marie Sweets – Voluptuous BBW Bombshell With Ultra-Hot Full-Length Sex Tapes

Marie Sweets has gained a seat on our list of the best BBW OnlyFans girls for several hot reasons. The young bombshell is gifted with 38J tits to accentuate her already ridiculous curves.

Marie has an extensive menu of kinks, including JOIs, body worship, sloppy toppy, tit play, roleplay, breeding, deepthroating, dildo play, squirting – we won’t spoil the rest for you.

Marie Sweets BBW OnlyFans

Your almighty BBW queen is charging just $15 a month with no PPV. Most of Marie’s BBW OnlyFans videos are more than 10 minutes long and she never re-uploads old content – that’s exactly the kind of creator you want to follow.

OnlyFans Username @ramenslurperr
Fetish Domme MILF
Number of Photos/Videos 3,991
Number of Posts 2,109
Number of Likes 233,400
Price $15 per month

10. Lou Lou – The Heaviest BBW TikToker With An Obsession With Big Sex Toys

The next BBW girl we have is also a popular OnlyFans TikTok creator – and her name is Lou Lou. With her frequent BBW nudes and clips, how can she not be one of the best BBW OnlyFans girls?

Lou Lou knows how to push her own pleasure button best, which explains her obsession with sex toys. Apart from her hardcore toy play scenes, she is into OnlyFans BBW sex tapes, squirting, creampies, 69s, deepthroating, roleplay, and more.

Lou Lou OnlyFans BBW

For more of Lou Lou, you can hit her up anytime as she loves sexting and getting to know your sex kinks. Your OnlyFans BBW TikToker enjoys filming private content to make you smile so don’t hesitate to message her.

OnlyFans Username @louloubbw
Fetish BBW
Number of Photos/Videos 701
Number of Posts 531
Number of Likes 19,700
Price $9.99 per month

11. Molly Nonsense – Thick BBW Creator Offering FMTY Dates 

The next hottie on our list of the best BBW OnlyFans girls is famous for taking her adventurous side to the next level. Molly Nonsense is addicted to flashing her thicc booty in public, in her garden, and pretty much everywhere.

She is one of the best thick OnlyFans creators with regular updates to showcase her flawless ass, pink tits, and drippy pussy.

Molly Nonsense OnlyFans BBW

It’s always a visual feast to check out Molly’s snaps. Her ample buttocks and enormous booty are simply out of this world. To make you a sucker for her delicious body, Molly offers a free 30-day trial.

While most of the best BBW OnlyFans creators prefer to keep things on the platform, Molly wants to take things further by offering you FMTY dates.

OnlyFans Username @mollynonsense
Fetish Thicc
Number of Photos/Videos 1,617
Number of Posts 1,471
Number of Likes 128,900
Price Free

12. Raven Thick – BBW Cosplayer With XXX G/G Collabs

Among our best BBW OnlyFans accounts, Raven Thick is a top-notch choice for racy cosplay content and lesbian collabs. From anime characters to Wonder Woman to a horny Cat Woman, she’s your walking BBW sex machine.

Her media folder is packed with G/G porn, B/G collabs, masturbation videos, cosplay clips, 69 content, and more – you’ll be drooling like a little pup when you see her BBW badly behaved sex shows.

Raven Thick OnlyFans

Whether she’s on her way to the comic con or filming a new sex tape, the OnlyFans cosplayer makes sure to reserve her uncensored BTS footage for your enjoyment.

She always replies to your messages promptly with extra goodies. From dick ratings to sexting to video calls, she is here to curate the hottest OnlyFans BBW content for your eyes only.

OnlyFans Username @raven_thicl1
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Photos/Videos 462
Number of Posts 316
Number of Likes 45,000
Price $10 per month

13. Lilianaheartsss – Busty BBW Babe With The Biggest Tits

The next entry on our list of the best BBW OnlyFans girls is Liliana. With over 6 million likes, she’s among the top BBW creators with a wide range of sexual interests.

Her juicy BBW body, exotic face, and smooth skin are just a few reasons she has reaped a massive following. Liliana doesn’t know how to stop – she’ll hop on a private call with you until you’ve had the most insane orgasms.

Lilianaheartsss onlyfans

The curvy queen is into JOIs, solo play videos, toy play content, cosplay, roleplay, fantasy play, and a lot more. To make things sexier, she accepts customs so she can create the most ideal virtual BBW sex world for you.

When you subscribe to Liliana, it’s hard not to notice those gigantic melons. We bet you’ll be pledging your loyalty to this BBW goddess.

OnlyFans Username @lilianaheartsss
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Photos/Videos 870
Number of Posts 900
Number of Likes 6.46 Million
Price $10 per month

14. Zalia Graves – BBW Redhead Who Loves Wearing Latex Panties

Zalia Graves is one of the best BBW OnlyFans girls for cosplay content and latex play. Whatever video game characters you’ve fantasized about, she has either played them or is on her way to.

You’ll be on your knees begging for more once you see her hardcore BBW OnlyFans porn.

Zalia Graves OnlyFans

She runs one of the best BBW free OnlyFans pages with daily updates, including BBW sex tapes, nudes, and collabs. Of course, you can expect her premium, full-length goodies to cost extra.

VIP members get additional freebies every month with ad-free access to her BBW content-packed feed.

OnlyFans Username @zaliagraves
Fetish Tattoos
Number of Photos/Videos 5,802
Number of Posts 5,840
Number of Likes 1.71 million
Price Free

15. Marilyn Mayson – Goth BBW Creator With The Roundest Ass

Finally, we’ve got Marilyn Mayson, the OnlyFans goth BBW hottie with the wildest big girl porn. The rebellious temptress defines BBW splendidly and is among the top 1% of creators on the platform.

Marilyn produces B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesome videos, belly play content, parody clips, and cosplay scenes. She loves taboo topics and is actively seeking new roleplay ideas to enrich her portfolio of BBW porn.

Marilyn Mayson OnlyFans

She’s got a bank full of erotic lines to impress you. When you talk dirty to her, she’ll drop you excessive tit shots of her 38M breasts to make you horny – and sexting is included in your sub!

OnlyFans Username @marilynmayson
Fetish Goth
Number of Photos/Videos 13,391
Number of Posts 1,052
Number of Likes 90,300
Price $10 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest BBW OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Overall, these are the absolute hottest BBW OnlyFans girls available in 2023. It’s not hard to see how they’ve gained immense popularity with their saucy content.

In case you’re wondering who we think is the ultimate winner, it’s Kiki. The tattooed queen is just the raunchiest with the sexiest, thickest body – and her adult content is almost too hot to be true.

Furthermore, both Kiki and Anastasia are up for live chats, sexting, customs, and dick ratings to deliver the intimate touch you’ve been seeking – you can enjoy an exclusive taste of their sensual curves.

These two girls stand out from the sea of competitors and are the best BBW OnlyFans creators to follow now. Still, the rest on the list are equally capable of delivering the once-in-a-lifetime sexual experience you want. It’s time to pick your favorites and subscribe to them.


Who are the hottest BBW OnlyFans creators?

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