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Pakistan is home to millions of gorgeous babes. Their thick brows, dark skin, big brown eyes… Pakistani girls have got all the attractive features you’re into. Over on OnlyFans, there are plenty of sexy Pakistani creators that specialize in different sex acts and fetishes.

To save you the trouble, we’ve already reviewed thousands of Pakistani creators. It took some effort to come up with this list because they are all magnificent – but we did it. Take a look at these best 15 Pakistani OnlyFans girls to follow in 2023 now!

The 15 Best Pakistani OnlyFans Girls 2023

We handpicked these top-rated Pakistani babes for their raunchy content, responsiveness, and offers. To take a closer look at each of them, keep reading the next section!

A Detailed Look at the Best Pakistani OnlyFans Creators

Let’s dive deeper and see why you should follow each of these desi girls. From sexting to latex BDSM porn, these Pakistani OnlyFans babes curate the hottest content for your sexual pleasure!

1. nadia ali – Pakistani Pornstar Who Loves Anal Play

Born in Pakistan, Nadia Ali moved to the US where she could freely explore her passion – anal sex. Now, your top Pakistani OnlyFans pornstar is here to give you an exciting ride down her explicit content library. From solo play to G/G porn, this girl is determined to enjoy herself and express her sexuality.

Nadia is a sex-positive creator who previously admitted how difficult it was for her, especially as a practicing Muslim, to be in the adult industry. She loves sex and is here to break the taboo surrounding creators from her country. Your Pakistani pornstar has hosted book signings, starred in hundreds of adult films, and appeared in interviews!

Nadia Ali

Her uncompromising attitude, steamy content, and hot looks are all the reasons Nadia ranks top on our list of the best Pakistani girls OnlyFans. Your Urdu-speaking goddess is also a sexting girl OnlyFans that will whisper the sexiest lines in her private videos to you to turn you on.

For a more intimate time, you can request live 1:1 video calls – watch this top-rated Pakistani pornstar rub herself with a jelly dildo!

OnlyFans Account Handle @pakinadiaali
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 21,200
Number of Posts 372
Number of Photos/Videos 377
Price $19.99 per month

2. Pakistani Goddess – Pakistani Actress With G/G Porn

Tehmeena Afzal, or Meena as she prefers to be known, is a big-time Pakistani model with 1 million followers on Instagram. This Pakistani actress is an ambitious entrepreneur. From owning her beauty brands to running her adult content, she is harvesting fame everywhere she goes.

Being one of the most famous Pakistani OnlyFans models, Meena will capture your eye with her signature lesbian OF content. She likes having her girlies over for a pedicure treatment before taking off each other’s clothes and scissoring in bed.

Pakistani Goddess Meena OnlyFans

Your top OnlyFans Pakistani model has her ultra-hot videos reserved for your eyes only through PPVs – it gives you the best chance to talk to Meena and discover the hidden gems she has been keeping in her pocket.

Pakistani Goddess has amazing curves and the fullest lips you will ever see. She is not shy to show off her assets in her daily uncensored nudes. You don’t want to miss out on the fun – check out what your favorite Pakistani celeb is up to now!

OnlyFans Account Handle @missmeenavip
Fetish Celebrity
Number of Likes 38,000
Number of Posts 644
Number of Photos/Videos 775
Price $29.99 per month

3. Skylarr – Your Sexy Urdu MILF With Pregnant XXX Content

Based in Manchester, UK, Skylarr is your half-Pakistani, half-British slut and the best Pakistani OnlyFans for pregnant play. Although she has given birth, you will see plenty of erotic sex tapes from her recent pregnancy. As a new mom, this sexy MILF still has juicy milk coming out of her tits!

Other than pregnant play, Skylarr is also crazy about giving rim jobs, taking double penetration, foot play, JOIs, CEIs, anal play, femdom, and findom. Overall, your girl is into rough sex and curates the most hardcore BDSM porn. She is still uploading never-before-seen pregnant BDSM content! Once she gets into her dominatrix outfit, you have to bow to her.

Skylarr OnlyFans

Skylarr is definitely not your average Pakistani wife. She doesn’t listen to her husband nor does she live by the rules – she is all about pleasing herself and making sure you have a good time as well.

Hit her up for a more personal experience. She will gladly show you her hot wax collection and share the kind of kink fantasies she is into – this bossy OnlyFans Pakistani girl may even force you to be a part of her kidnap fantasy!

OnlyFans Account Handle @skylarriris
Fetish Pregnant
Number of Likes 38,000
Number of Posts 644
Number of Photos/Videos 775
Price $29.99 per month

4. PakistaniPrincess420 – Cute Teen With The Biggest Boobs In Pakistan

Although she is actually 22 years old, her young face and hot body certainly look like a teen, especially when she puts on high school costumes! Your Pakistani Princess OnlyFans account is full of naughty nudes and seductive clips.

You will definitely want to subscribe for her adorable personality and massive boobs. This busty teen is always twerking or posing in her revealing lingerie, roleplay costumes, or butt-naked. Every once in a while, she will throw in tit close-up shots to tease you!

Pakistani Princess OnlyFans

Pakistani Princess is one of our best Pakistani OnlyFans creators because she is authentic. You will love her girlfriend persona. She’s eager to please you with a romantic sexting session – there will be a heartfelt connection once you start following her.

Your baby girl is also on Twitter @PakiPrincess420, where she occasionally posts extra cheeky ass pics, teasers for her upcoming clips, or raw behind-the-scenes footage. You can follow both her OnlyFans and Twitter accounts for the complete package.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pakiprincess420
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 823
Number of Posts 64
Number of Photos/Videos 163
Price $7.99 per month

5. Pakistani_Ria – Punjabi Babe With Daily XXX-Rated Content

Ria is a relatively low-profile creator that doesn’t reveal much until you subscribe. You won’t see her social media presence at all. Your sweet Punjabi babe keeps it private because she knows a lot of people in her culture do not like what she likes – creampies on OF.

There are over 2,600 pieces of XXX-rated content on your Pakistani Ria OnlyFans wall and a lot of them include creampies. Ria likes filling herself with warm, creamy juices of her partner. There are uncensored photos of her dripping junk as well!

Pakistani Ria OnlyFans

Once you join her sex cult, your Punjabi babe will spoil you with her racy content, such as orgies, cumshots, B/G porn, G/G/G sex tapes, fingering, anal play, and toy play. Ria is one of the best Pakistani girls OnlyFans with daily updates. She is active all the time, either replying to messages or uploading new masturbation clips.

In the beginning, this goddess can be a bit shy as she has received a lot of online abuse. But once you have gained her trust, she will be the most enthusiastic online lover – that’s when you will receive exclusive NFSW nudes from her!

OnlyFans Account Handle @pakistani_ria
Fetish Creampies
Number of Likes 30,200
Number of Posts 629
Number of Photos/Videos 2,620
Price $12.99 per month

6. Pakistani_Kuri – Your Desi Girlfriend Who Loves Sexting

The Pakistani Kuri OnlyFans account is all about showing affection through sexting. She makes it clear that she does not produce a lot of explicit content because she wants a more romantic, intimate time with you. The one rule she makes is to be respectful and not push her for content – if you comply, she will be your best naughty Desi girlfriend.

You will still find her posting cheeky bathroom semi-naked nudes and seductive lingerie photos, but what she truly likes is to talk to you about life, dreams, and her sexy body. She will talk to you throughout the day and send you her sweaty workout photos. Her attentiveness will really warm your heart.

Pakistani Kuri OnlyFans

Even without the explicit sex tapes, you’re sure to fall in love with Kuri – she is the best virtual Pakistani girlfriend you can ask for. If you renew your subscription, this brown babe may give you a surprise call as well!

Kuri is understanding and easy to talk to. You can share your sexual fantasies or frustrations in life. Whatever thoughts are on your mind, she is all ears.

OnlyFans Account Handle @desi_babe
Fetish Curvy
Number of Likes 8,100
Number of Posts 555
Number of Photos/Videos 587
Price $14.99 per month

7. Jamilla May – Your Naughty Muslim Nurse Who Loves BJs

Your best UK Pakistani OnlyFans babe, aka Jamilla May, is here to give you a taste of her erotic medicines. Currently living in scenic England, this registered nurse knows the best sex positions for squirting. She is also a sucker for big dicks – it is her mission to give BJs to every hot guy in her village. 

This cutie pie has the most exquisite toes. She is keen on dressing her feet up and filming erotic footplay content. Your naughty Muslim nurse is not afraid to let you know how she can stay faithful and sexual at the same time.

Jamilla May OnlyFans

Jamilla speaks a little bit of Urdu and she thinks her rusty Urdu with an English accent is incredibly attractive – want to hear her seduce you with an erotic voice note? Just send her a message! She replies to every friendly DM – as long as you are supportive.

If you are searching for the best Pakistani girls OnlyFans has, and with a religious twist, don’t miss out on Jamilla May. She is a bundle of surprises that comes with the most tantalizing content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jamilla.may
Fetish Brunette
Number of Likes 35,400
Number of Posts 148
Number of Photos/Videos 157
Price $4.99 per month

8. MAYA-KHAN – Your Brown Slut Who Loves Orgies

Maya is one of the most talked-about Pakistani OnlyFans Reddit girls because of her insane orgies. This amateur pornstar loves indulging herself in weekend sex parties and neighborhood gangbangs – she never misses an opportunity to fit guys in her holes.

In addition to her uncensored group sex videos, your thot also loves JOIs, G/G porn, deepthroating, creampies, CEIs, and so much more. You can never predict what she will upload next. When she is not posting on her wall, she is creating exclusive content for you – slide into her DMs to secure your private orgy clip!

Maya Khan OnlyFans

This brown slut accepts fetish-friendly requests – nothing is too hot to handle for her. She is all about trying new sexual kinks, so, surprise her with the best sex idea you have got.

You can purchase any full-length sex tapes you like from her wall. If things get spicier in the chat, you may even ask for her wet panties.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mayakhanuk
Fetish Ass
Number of Likes 7,200
Number of Posts 309
Number of Photos/Videos 367
Price $16 per month

9. Scarlett Rose – Busty Pakistani Babe With Live Sex Shows

Scarlett is another one of our best Pakistani OnlyFans creators, currently living in Dubai. This busty Urdu queen is an Instagram influencer with nearly 1 million followers. She is addicted to posting travel photos, sexy bikini shots, and shower selfies. To make things juicier, she is using OnlyFans to release her NSFW content!

On OnlyFans, Scarlett offers live shows regularly. She is an experienced cam girl with many different tricks up her sleeve. From dildo play to bondage, there is nothing she doesn’t do, especially when she gets to shake her round ass in front of the camera.

Scarlett Rose OnlyFans

Her love for the camera means your girl will gladly hop on a video call with you. She curates each live call to keep things fresh! Your Pakistani dear has one goal only – to get you hard and horny with her big booty and charming personality.

Buy her a few Amazon gifts from her wishlist – they are the sex toys and bikinis she wants. If you get her an item from that list, she will give you an exclusive sneak peek before the first content in it goes live.

OnlyFans Account Handle @scarlettrosevip
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 7,200
Number of Posts 101
Number of Photos/Videos 61
Price $20 per month

10. Zara – Your Pak Girlfriend With BDSM Content

Zara is your all-natural, no-make-up Pak BBW OnlyFans girl. With only $4.99, you can unlock all the sex tapes in her content library. There is no PPV ever – your big girl gives you all she’s got right here.

This authentic babe is also the best Pakistani on OnlyFans for light BDSM content. She likes humiliation, torture, rope play, and handcuff play. If you are new to the BDSM world and want to ease your way in, Zara is the best creator to follow. Her mild BDSM content is erotic and mesmerizing – yet, it will not be too intimidating if you are a newbie.

Zara OnlyFans

When she is hanging out with you through a live sexting session, she wants to be your naughty Pakistani wife. She is loving yet mischievous, always sending you unsolicited nudes during office hours – you may want to head to a private area before opening a message from Zara.

Zara is one of our best Pakistani OnlyFans creators because of her all-rounded talent set. She can squirt, give rim jobs, handle a massive dildo, and tie herself up for her BDSM content – you’re getting everything from her!

OnlyFans Account Handle @the_czars_ass
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 6,750
Number of Posts 1,949
Number of Photos/Videos 3,720
Price $4.99 per month

11. yourgoddesslis – Top Pakistani German Babe With Findom Content

Do you like being ruled by your Pakistani queen? Does submitting tributes to worship her turn you on? And most importantly, do you like a crude, German-speaking Desi girl? If so, your goddess Lis is the one and only Pakistani girl OnlyFans in this department.

Lis does not hold back with her cold-hearted comments. She is here to humiliate you with her findom content. The first thing you should know – you have to pay generously for your queen to consider letting you in her circle.

yourgoddesslis Lis OnlyFans

Once you are in, she will set various tasks for you to complete. Sometimes, you do an insulting public play for her, other times, you submit your whole month’s salary. Your queen shows no mercy and is not here to spare you with your lame excuses – only join if findom is your kink.

In return, Lis will reward you with exclusive XXX clips – spoiler alert, there will be body fluids going all over the place. If you make her happy, she will also customize private videos upon request. You better get your wallet out so your queen knows your sincerity.

OnlyFans Account Handle @goddesslis
Fetish Findom
Number of Likes 5,800
Number of Posts 210
Number of Photos/Videos 268
Price $18 per month

12. Sonya Khan – Sex-Positive Pakistani Babe Who Loves Pole Dancing

Out of our list of the best Pakistani OnlyFans creators, Sonya Khan values intimacy the most. She is a sex-positive creator suffering from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread pain and fatigue. Despite her condition, she is using OnlyFans as a channel to share her positivity – a fibromyalgia girl can have an awesome sex life too!

This Pakistani babe loves pole dancing while doing stripteases – it helps with her condition and keeps you energized. Her sexy dance clips are to die for. Sonya enjoys 1:1 sessions as well. She believes that’s the only way to build a connection and she would love to get to know you better.

Sonya Khan OnlyFans

Sonya keeps it real by documenting her journey on the platform, with plenty of nudes and lingerie photos. There is always a story behind every photo and clip – you will not find a better girl for some intimate Pakistani OnlyFans nudes. After subscribing to her, you will form a close bond with this girl through her genuine updates and erotic pics.

If you want something more than just your average porn content, Sonya is the best Pakistani OnlyFans girl for you. Her original content and her positive vibes will definitely pull on your heartstrings!

OnlyFans Account Handle @kashmirigoddess
Fetish Striptease
Number of Likes 3,300
Number of Posts 155
Number of Photos/Videos 300
Price $11.11 per month

13. ARIA KHAN – Amateur Pornstar With Full-Length Sex Tapes

Another hot UK Pakistani OnlyFans girl is here! Aria Khan is a British-born, Pakistani princess who has got curves in all the right places. There are full-length sex tapes on her wall. Her various sexual interests include B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, JOIs, pole dancing, deepthroating, and solo play.

Aria is an active OnlyFans Pakistani babe, making several updates per day. There are constantly new NSFW nudes and explicit videos coming through. This amateur pornstar will also drop secret sex tapes in your DMs – be sure to check your inbox regularly so you don’t miss them!

Aria Khan OnlyFans

Your Pakistani hottie is the most exotic babe who speaks fluent British English and Urdu. She is happy to read an erotic story in both languages to seduce you and make you explode.

In her free time, she practices pole dancing, either semi-naked or completely naked. Aria will show you her spicy dance clips if you ask for them!

OnlyFans Account Handle @ariakhan00
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 27,700
Number of Posts 963
Number of Photos/Videos 1,528
Price $13.99 per month

14. Delilah – Hot Babe With Live Shows in Pakistan

Delilah runs a fetish-friendly Pakistan OnlyFans account where she accepts custom requests – no matter how unusual they sound. She adores a man with a kinky touch. She is also an experienced cam girl who offers regular live shows. When she streams, she makes sure you will see intimate close-ups and cumshots.

This horny babe in Pakistan wants to make you cum hard with her erotic content. It will make her day to receive a video message of you jerking off to her. She is incredibly responsive and interactive. Your hot babe is ready to check out your messages anytime.

Delilah OnlyFans

Wearing revealing lingerie is your girl’s favorite thing to do. She exudes confidence when she puts on her lace underwear or leather bras. A lot of her sex tapes will show her doing it in sexy lingerie – which is even more provocative.

To get Delilah’s heart, you can talk to her about henna body art. This girl is obsessed with creating new henna designs on her body so this will surely get her to text back!

OnlyFans Account Handle @delilahbae
Fetish Lingerie
Number of Likes 8,500
Number of Posts 802
Number of Photos/Videos 1,001
Price $5.99 per month

15. Nisa – Horny Princess With Latex Porn

Your big titty girlfriend is here with some enticing latex porn. Nisa is obsessed with creating dom/sub content, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesome videos, creampie clips, and more. In addition to her BDSM porn, your girl also loves findom content, if you want to be submissive!

She is the happiest when she is wrapped in her leather outfits and all tied up. On her wall, there are nearly 2,000 pieces of hot content – and a majority of them involve bondage and torture. You have to watch it to believe how hot your girl is.

Nisa OnlyFans

This horny princess will customize private latex BDSM videos upon request. Whether you prefer a video call or a pre-recorded clip, your girl is down for it. She is your best latex Pakistani on OnlyFans queen.

As her OnlyFans username suggests, this uncensored bitch sets no limits for her adult content. There are loads of extreme XXX clips in her library. Nisa is another cheap OnlyFans Pakistani babe. For only $5.99 a month, you can check out all her ultra-explicit latex BDSM porn.

OnlyFans Account Handle @uncensoredbitch
Fetish Latex/BDSM
Number of Likes 166,900
Number of Posts 2,094
Number of Photos/Videos 1,811
Price $5.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Pakistani OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

That’s all of our best Pakistani OnlyFans creators! You must be feeling hot and probably want to subscribe to all of them – we don’t blame you! But if we must choose the hottest Pakistani babe for you, Nadia Ali is the girl. Her diverse sexual content, friendliness, and charming personality are all the right reasons to follow her.

Up next we have Tehmeena Afzal, aka Pakistani Goddess. She has the most insane boobs and outrageous adult content that will keep you up all night. Finally, your preggo MILF Skylarr comes third. Her racy content and feisty attitude make her a must-follow creator. Besides, her pregnant play is simply out of this world.

Every Pakistani girl on our list delivers a unique experience. You will not regret showing these girls the love they deserve!


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